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Need Conflict Resolution?

The three rules of behaviour are:

1. Let everyone have it

(who they think they are and their opinions)

2. Do not take anything personally.

3. Do Not Make Excuses.

These three rules are simply a practical way of teaching people to behave the Turah correctly and they encompass every Scripture. This helps people overcome the unclean in their life and acquire the correct Turah behaviour instead of only reading and filling themselves with head-knowledge. Imagine what the world would look like if the next generation embraced these simple rules and kept the Turah through their behaviour . . .

In a marriage - if a husband truly does these two rules to his wife - not fake - not holding judgements and just staying silent but actually forgiving, being humble and not getting involved with who his wife is listening to in her head (unclean) she will try and get him back into a place of submission (even though the Natsarim ladies love to state that they are turah-submissive wives) and if he just lets her have it and doesn't get angry or take it personally, just love her - she will think something is going on so she will test him more and more to try and break him to be like he used to be - angry and resenting her until the marriage ends up like so many of the population today where the old man just shuts up and lets the wife do all the dominating and talking incase she humiliates and bullies him in public - they keep up appearances but underneath there is a lot of screaming expressed in their silence. IT'S BETTER TO HAVE THE SCREAMING - AT LEAST YOU GET TO THE BOTTOM OF ISSUES AND COME CLOSER TOGETHER IN LOVE.

If the husband does not break but keeps letting her have it, loving her and not taking her actions personally (this is the same if the wife starts it first too) then the unclean spirits are revealed in the house and Yahusha starts moving on the marriage in greater intensity. Hebrews 12 tells us that Yahusha flogs us but many will not accept that He does that because they say He's just too loving - let me tell you HE DOES and the spouse who is letting unclean come through their behaviour will get bashed around by Yahusha until they see and change. This produces the correct fruit of behaviour which the Bride needs to have if she's to make the Wedding Feast. Now who would ever think that two little rules could cause sooooo much trouble? How could anyone say that they are not Turah? Read any part of Scripture and I guarantee you they will correspond to these two rules. The problem lies when people think they are too knowledgable or intelligent or in too great a position to take on such simple concepts. Turah has to be deep intense study and philosophical debate they will say.

When Yahusha opens the gate and moves His sheep to greener pastures it's wise to follow the Great Shepherd otherwise we end up walking around in circles in our own filth. Yahusha was always addressing His people's behaviour; He knew they were already filled with the Turah and it was time to BEHAVE it honestly and genuinely. Yahusha wants to take all of the amazing Knowledge we all have and put it into a simple BEHAVIOUR; two rules. It is going to be a revolution in behaviour and mature Yahusha's Bride before His return. The dictionary says you can see an attitude; whether it is mature, honest, loving, transparent and genuine - or whether it is proud, deceitful, bitchy, and argumentative - you be the discerner . . . . .

Enlist in the Behaviour Revolution.

Yahusha's love is the greatest weapon in your arsenal !!

There is a pattern or collective mindset within the world whereby people are ranked (and often paid) according to the amount of formal government-endorsed education they possess. There is also a high demand for those who can rattle off that education with quick-witted speed ( research "sophistry" ). . .

Sophists were the original ancient actors / entertainers / teachers / preachers / academics, who held the audiences captive through their 'gift of the gab' and their ability to retain knowledge and teach. They were lifted up and held in high esteem and did not come cheap either. Isn't there a Scripture that addresses those who want to have the best seats and be held in some position of importance???

This Academic/Knowledge-based "declaring I have a title and therefore deserve certain esteem and respects" or (in the religious scene) "declaring I have a gift or ability and therefore deserve a certain title, position (and maybe even funding or offerings too)" - is an affront to Yahusha who afterall was the most over-qualified, educated, highly advanced and incredible being in the universe and Who shrunk Himself down, took on flesh and became a lowly human being.

Yahusha never assumed any role of importance and even prayed to "have this cup pass from Me"........He is love eternal personified and only sought to do the will of His Father and love people out of their unclean lifestyle, BEHAVIOUR and situation.

The Behavioural Revolution is all about moving forward, past the realm of knowledge, which (like money) is not a bad thing, only the addiction to it - into a place where it manifests in our day-to-day behaviour. We are all servants just as our Master Yahusha was and we wait on tables (that's in our behaviour and lifestyle) with a grateful, humble demeanour and kindness towards others. With Yahusha inside us we have the Shepherd leading, rebuking, flogging etc to show us the right behaviour. Our foundation of belief is the Ten Commandments and the Scriptures as a whole should be meditated on day and night, however it is our actions or works of belief that truly qualify us, not our ability to retail knowledge.

There is a battle going on over doctrines in the religious world over BELIEF vs WORKS etc etc etc. In the greek mindset, the word `BELIEF' simply means to hold something in your mind as the truth (kind of like knowledge eh) however in the true Hebrew understanding of words, 'BELIEF' goes far beyond holding something in your mind as true, it is putting that truth into practise (kind of like behaving it eh) To Yahusha knowledge and behaviour go hand in hand, because you cannot live-out, declare or BEHAVE something you have no knowledge of. However many within the Natsarim believe they have the right to claim a certain position based on a gift, stand on it, pitch a tent and invite others to visit it, and maybe make some money too. This is not Bridal Behaviour. Yahusha's Bride consist of NOTHINGS, NOBODY'S, SINNERS, WHORES, BROKEN PEOPLE who cry out to Him and who will do anything for Him because of His sweet Deliverance and Love. . . .

There has been a huge knowledge movement underway for many many years now and Yahusha wants a certain standard of BEHAVIOUR & LIFESTYLE from His bride, who possess the ONLY qualifications that matter and the teaching authority with which to present it. Have you been immersed into the Name of Yahusha yet??? If you haven't - you don't have a clue what i'm talking about. You cannot understand Yahusha's kingdom or customs without the Ruach inside you making you alive . . .

If you HAVE been immersed IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHA then every problem you face in your life can be ironed out and the path made easier if your start taking on and practising these three rules. 1. LET EVERYONE HAVE IT. 2. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. 3. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. This is a way to put into practise everything you've been taught. HOW CAN THAT BE??? The Scriptures tell us that the entire TORAH (instructions) can be summarised by a single word . . . LOVE!!! Love is not what people think it is - it is not sympathy, it isn't even kind sometimes, but if it's done in truth by Yahusha's Ruach then you will feel the benefits of it. Do you think the people selling their paraphernalia in the temple felt Yahusha's kindness when He turned all their tables over in a rage? Of course not ! LOVE is the summary of all the Scriptures and the way we love the people (often the ones closest) is to establish a good solid, strong behaviour whereby we take nothing they say personally and let them have whatever f

eeling, emotions and words they want . . .

YOU CAN LEARN ALL THE KNOWLEDGE, TYPE THE TALK AND EXPRESS OPINIONS but if something happened in the world whereby we were stripped of our Facebook, Computers and Glorified Soapboxes HOW WOULD PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOUR IF THEY MET YOU IN PERSON, OR LIVED WITH YOU FOR A WHILE? You can feel whether Yahusha is happy with your behaviour or not, so don’t kid yourself - are you happy or getting flogged inside??? . . . . . .


By Mark Davidson