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The Pathway of Deliverance

Yahusha’s Name is the KEY OF ALL KNOWLEDGE and it unlocks the DOORWAY to DELIVERANCE through IMMERSION. We enter the pathway of Redemption ( a covenant ) and begin the process of overcoming the unclean influences and behaviours in our life. Yahusha dwells within our vessel and we grow in our relationship with Him by reading His Word and being obedient to His instructions. The purpose of reading Scripture is not to collect head-knowledge but to be transformed by the mind of Yahusha and through His training and flogging us we bear the CORRECT BEHAVIOUR in our lives.

The Ten Commandments are the foundation of our relationship (our wedding vows) with Yahusha and the Behaviour Revolution is infusing every principle of Scripture into these Three Rules: Let everyone Have It - don’t take anything personally - Don't Make Excuses . . .


Along the pathway of Deliverance we will alway encounter those who want to stop, pitch a flag and start walking around it. This can become a big distraction if we have our sights on men and women and not Yahusha Himself Who always leads the sheep into green, fresh pastures. If we stop at a certain place on the path we just keep going around and around the same old worn out grass and the sheep find that what they thought was grass is now just their own poo poo they are tramping around in - and some just love the stench of their own wee wee.

Yahusha calls us, indwells us, loves us and leads us on the narrow path, but remember: This is YOUR journey, no one else's. Many people with a powerful gift may have a flag they are walking around along the pathway and we may dwell there for a while and be overwhelmingly encouraged.

When Yahusha moves He makes His actions very clear, but many ( and I've seen this right from the time I left Christianity ) don't want to go up the path any further. I could never understand that!!! Yahusha's people are currently drunk on Knowledge with little to no experience in the realm of the practical BEHAVIOUR. In other words we all know exactly what to type and what to say but our lifestyle, attitude and heart conditions wreak with selfish and stubborn uncleanliness.

There are two principles that, if practiced GENUINELY will ensure you continue down the pathway of deliverance, dramatically changing the BEHAVIOUR, lifestyle and attitude of not just yourself but those around you wherever you go. Would you like to know what the two principles are? I warn you, those around you with position and reputation will poopoo this because it reveals the unclean wherever you go. It's truly a REVOLUTION in BEHAVIOUR.

Knowledge has had its day in the sun, we all have it and love it dearly along with the precious Scriptures it came from and on which we "mediate day and night" but PEOPLE ......

COME ON, let's stop walking around in circles around the same discussions, arguments and high religious, SERIOUS nonsense. Get into the love, learn the correct BEHAVIOUR and get a sense of humor. Yahusha is the epitome of love-drunk but His favor (blessings, happiness and success) only flow to those who are walking WITH Him....

If you can do the three rules perfectly all the time you're BEHAVIOUR will be perfect and since none of us will ever be perfect until Yahusha returns we need to keep doing them and see the amazing things that will happen around us. This is not a topic or a flag that we can get stuck walki

ng around because it's a lifestyle and a vehicle with which to express Yahusha's love and kindness to the unlovely and unkind.

Don't stop, don't be stubborn and want your way on the path - keep going - there is an amazing future for you if you do. Keep your eyes and ears on Yahusha, and understand that He talks to us and guides us through all sorts of scenarios and messengers throughout the day. If we don't catch Him because we're judging the vessel He may be using then we missed that particular blessing.

It's all practical. It's all BEHAVIOUR and it's all colloquial so everyone can understand it. Yahusha hung out with simple folk. Are you one of them?

Enlist today in the Behaviour Revolution