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FEASTS: A Redemption Matter?

Brothers & Sisters . . .

I just had the wonderful opportunity whilst doing a haircut to share with one of the seasoned sisters, who was thinking she had an agreement with Yahusha. She told me she didn't have to do the Shabath because she wanted to keep her business open on Shabath and she had made her peace with Yahusha about that.

Now we can't judge in a situation like this, but just get the message across clearly. I said many people think they have such agreements with Yahusha, but that is just imaginary. The Scripture never changes (except by the hand and word of man), I told her the fourth commandment tells us to rest on the Shabath. There is no buying or selling on the Shabath and we are to stay in our homes.

My seasoned Sister of five years who hasn't been reading very much, then proceeded to tell me she wasn't coming to the feast of Shabuoth, because friends were coming up and she was going to spend a double Shabath at a seaside resort with her family and friends, like it was an accident. I said you should know when the dates of the feasts are. You should be excited and prepared to come and celebrate and show love to the Brothers and Sisters.

Scripture says three times a year we must gather to celebrate the feasts - it is a command. If we are wilfully putting Yahusha off for our own personal fun, we are in great danger of going back to sleep and the curses coming onto us.

She said we are wrong, she still can't put her friends off. I said then you choose them above Yahusha then and she said she has to. This woman has been a believer for nearly five years, but is not reading and has gone back to sleep again.

We are praying for her and her family. All we can do is speak the truth into their lives. The beauty about this walk is that once you know the truth it is up to each person to feed themselves. If you won't gather at the specific times of course you have no real friendships forming. But this lady acts like everything is an effort, which is not the right behaviour. This family was told when and where the feast was but chose a good time drinking and socialising above the Commandments. I told her that her behaviour is her worship.

These days so many are believing how it suits them but don't realise they are falling asleep. ARE THE FEASTS A REDEMPTION MATTER?

SHABUOTH - what is this ? we are told the feasts of Yisharal (Israel) are the shadows of our redemption and what does that mean? If we follow the shadow we come to the feet of it’s essence. In this case the essence is Yahusha Messiah. Yahusha is the One Who gives us redemption, Scripture says, “there is no other name given to man whereby he can be delivered.” That means if we want redemption, we will have to be delivered by the spirit of Yahusha. Being involved with and celebrating the feasts of Yisharal, by understanding the significance of each part of the feast, gives us understanding of just what our redemption and deliverance means.

So we ask you Brothers and Sisters, are the feasts of Yisharal a redemption matter? To attend the three feasts of Yisharal and do all the Shabaths each year is a command. If we ignore this are we in disobedience? There are circumstances but on the majority. When we read about the commands of Yahuah they were always for the protection and good of His Bride, but if she (meaning Yisharal) the Bride, was disobedience to the commands she would bring curses on her family and community. This is what has happened in the world today. Yahusha is calling His bride to return to the Covenant and Feasts today. . .