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THE TEST: Enduring Discipline.

Every Generation has to deal with Heb 12:5-11. This is called "THE TEST" where all believers are brought through the ENDURANCE of disciplining, floggings and rebukes of Yahuah Himself, to bear the fruits of righteousness. Of course this is all about our BEHAVIOUR which involves EVERY piece of Scripture and just how we perform that obedience in our behaviour. Half the Bride Company are unwise virgins who are weeds and their words are the poisonous gasses which emanate from the darnel to choke the wheat. This is the teaching which the teachers of today are STANDING IN THE DOORWAY to stop others from knowing. Sadly only those chosen will make it and not all those who are called. Lotsuluv . . .


My understanding is that the weeds (darnel) are planted with us and like the unwise virgins the words of their doubts and deceptions are the poisonous gases that the darnel lets out at harvest time to choke the wheat so it dies. Brothers and Sisters this is the mindset of Scripture and if we don't speak out against this falseness we will be choked by the poisonous gases.

What people see me doing is what they are judging to be incorrect behaviour. I believe this is their mindset and not the mindset of Scripture. The mindset they are in has to be refined to be free enough to say what is Scriptural. When they do, haShatan will scream the house down. What they see me doing is shutting Satan down and letting the truth into the airwaves breaking his power. Satan hates me and wants to destroy me. I hear what they are all saying and I felt the same as them once, but have left that behaviour where it belongs in the useless bin. The Word is very powerful and if used correctly you will see a whole lot of people upset.

That is why people are upset, Yahusha is stirring up his elite to action. Those who pass His endurance test of Heb 12:5-11 will be able to function in righteousness , active in their armoured behaviour. "ARE YOU LETTING ME HAVE IT" in your heart or have you given yourself the right to judge me? I say this to you in love, I am not giving up what Yahusha wants me to do because it may upset anyone, including Lew & Phyllis or you. Lotzaluv