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The Paleo Lip.

Brothers and Sisters, from whose lip (language) do you say the Scriptures were breathed?

The BYNV tells us the words that Messiah spoke are the words from the One, which is in Him. For to have a Reign last there can only be One who remains as the head over a Reign, Yahuah. The Only One to sit on the throne of the Shamayim is Yahuah. It is He who came off His throne to give the atoning offering for His people, not only for His own but for all whom call upon His Name. Because as He established to scatter His own to the four corners of the earth, His offering as Father of creation, His blood has the Life of creation in it too make those clean as He is clean, Yahusha.

The Lip (Language) that reveals the Key to understanding, originates in the Paleo Hebrew Letters. To be certain of this, all we have to do is look and read for our self the words from Shaul’s experience to Damascus. (Act 26:14,15) For as certain as Yahusha is Master, He, when speaking with Shaul, did not stumble following the False pen of the scribes and translators, having to speak in a Babylonian Lip. For remember it is the authorities delusional writings and translational Behaviours of tradition Mashiak overcame.

Being spoken to or calling on the only Key given for our Deliverance, Yahuah, we must have the Key to understanding given to us. So as we read from the BYNV, the Key is written in the Paleo Hebrew letters, but can simply be transliterated from the Paleo Hebrew straight to the English Lip. For there has been many Mighty Ones and many Messiahs come in their own name but as the scripture tells us there is and has been only One to claim “I AM YAHUSHA” who is Master over all.

By Shawn Stroeber . . .