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The Re-Invented Beast.

Rome didn't fall - it just reinvented itself through Christianity and Islam. It is still running the list below and has never stopped, don't let the lies of their rewritten history fool you. We are all under the domination of the Roman Beast System.

We all belong to the Great Mother of Whores. We are an abomination before the eyes of our Messiah because we are riddled with the evil of Rome, running through our veins. We need deliverance in our minds and bodies.

There is only one way out of the Beast of Romes' clutches and that is the door of deliverance through Yahusha Messiah. Having your body infused with the supernatural spirit of Yahusha is cleansing of our disobedience, relief, healing and love and is the only deliverance.

We change masters and live by His Spirit, through His Word, which tells us that there is no law against this. We are told even though we are in the world we are not of the world. With the aid of the supernatural power of Yahusha's Spirit we have His Power to overcome the temptations of this worlds delights.

Yes brothers, Rome is in our midst today just as the Spirit of the Ruach Messiah is. Who is going to dominate your life???