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When Family Attacks.


Have a look at "The Two Rules" on the Fossilised Customs Website where Lew White writes a scathing document telling the biggest whopper straight out lies, declaring us at Behaviour Revolution as evil, demonic and full of witchcraft - deceiving people.

I tell you what! This is enough to make a person go crazy, not only is our brother Lew trying to destroy us (and we were like family) but many others are doing the same. Check what another "brother" has said to Mark & Amy (below) . . .

We feel it is necessary to document these things so others will not be ripped off. I will tell you something else, the Two Rules really work and will reveal things Yahusha wants removed from our garments. The body (and Bride of Yahusha) is under attack by our loving deliverer, cleansing His precious wife of her sins. This is the strange thing happening within us, so realise it is Yahusha and not the enemy. He will not stop until He is satisfied, after all we belong to Him, or did you forget.

Boy the Two Rules got to brother Lew so much that it made him lose his principles and lie about those close to him. Be so very careful who you stand with Brothers & Sisters - protect your families. Lotzaluv . . .


From Ali Aloha - Nov 8th, 7:06am "Mark and Amy, why are you doing what your doing? It sounds like your trying to teach others things you don't really understand yourselves, or don't really believe? I am a Natsri myself and honestly it grieves my spirit to hear you both, I'm sure you don't intend to grieve others, but I pray Yahuah opens your eyes to see Him, and what He has told us to do. Yahuah says, "I hate pride." let us all come to each other in humility and love. And let us not all presume to be teachers, for we will be given a stricter judgement. I have read what you have noted as the, "Two Golden Rules." Can you explain what you mean by this? You say let them have it, and don't take anything personal. Where is this in the scripture as the, "Two Golden Rules."? If their was such a thing as two golden rules, I think the better answer would be, "Love Yahuah with all your heart, mind, and being, and love your neighbour as you love yourselves." Mark, Amy, Chris, and Victoria, may Yahuah rebuke you. I come to you now and warn if you continue to teach this as "the two golden rules" a delusion will begin to overtake your minds and hearts, this is not the teachings of Yahuah, and Yahuah hates it. These are the teachings of men, and doctrines of demons. WAKE UP. It says, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires." 2 Tim 4:3. I already know that you are all steeped in such a terrible delusion that has created a wall around your minds and hearts, that what I have said has gone in one ear and out the other. Its sad to see what has come in the last days, where men will turn away from the truth to follow doctrines of demons. I say all these things in love and truth, and don't think for one minute you are being persecuted for the "truth" because you are not, you are being rebuked in the Name of Yahuah. Begin to look at your teaching, if you continue to teach, I highly recommend you don't unless you want to incur a stricter judgment, and look at what you are really believing and teaching because your dealing with peoples lives, this is not a joke so stop treating it like one. This is a warning. I know you that you just want to learn and do what is right, but you need to take a serious look at yourselves and what your teaching because you will be given a stricture judgment. Shalom".