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Naked Raw Treasure

Knowledge can be used to keep us in bondage, prisoners, suffering in ignorance, like sheep kept in an enclosed paddock. Soon all the grass is dead from urine and faeces which brings disease (mental disorders) then death. We gain knowledge of Turah to then practice the behaviour required of the Bride and to move on into the love that passes all understanding, knowledge, tongues, languages and prophecy. This love behaviour is what Yahusha wants to see His Bride enduring this age until He returns. Yahusha is watching our performance as we each emerge into frolicking in the fields like happy sheep. This can only be achieved by listening to the Ruach as he leads us into correct behaviour. That is why it is a Behaviour Revolution.

Recently we have been talking about Religion, Knowledge and interpretation of Scripture. As we journey through their walled municipalities, we see they are functioning under their own governments and agenda of laws. Meaning apart from what Scripture declares.

On our journey of "coming out of her", we are seeing the many strange occurrences, unrelated to our journey and it seems we are being shown these on purpose. Maybe to educate and encourage us to stand firm against many discussed topics.

One of these topics "interpretation of scripture" is vital for us to understand that there are many walled societies which say their interpretation is right and these we realise are a trap and so it is much wiser for us to move on.

You see religion has nothing to do with Scripture and once we discover this, we can come to the Set-Apart Place of His presence. In the last few years there has been made a new transliterated and translated version of Scripture called the BYNV. This version is like the most beautiful uncut diamond with opals, something bigger and more amazing than has ever been found. A prize position.

This version is just laying out there natural and naked in it's raw state, precious and valuable. Delivered for us to convince us of the need for deliverance from Her,(all religion). Upon reading these beautiful naked raw Words of Completion (this means they are not tampered with deceit), we feel the wide open spaces of the freedom Yahusha talks of and the world becomes dim in the freshness and new life of the untampered Word of Yahuah.

Brothers and Sisters we need to move out of religion and into His glorious arms of love, where He is greeting those who have overcome. REMEMBER RELIGION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SCRIPTURE AND LOVE IS A BEHAVIOUR. COME OUT TO THE PURE AND NATURAL PLACES.

When we come to the end of our discussion on translations, it really is not about the man who does the work of interpreting but about what Yahusha is doing with that completed work.

Yahusha has taken a man from the back blocks of KENTUCKY and used him to interpret the Scripture, correcting all mistakes made by previous interpreters. Now we have a work that Yahusha has completed and it is just sitting there raw and naked, undiscovered, like a treasure in a cave. There is enough treasure within this cave for everyone in the whole world and then there is still more. All the gems in this world could not hold the value of the words given to us by Yahusha.

In the BYNV Yahusha has lifted the religious veil of doctrinal deceit from it's pages. this is why we say it is raw and naked, fresh and alive, waiting for those of the Bride Company to stumble into this cave of treasure. Yahusha is sending those He has chosen to feed on this delightfully delicate gourmet, so they may grow into healthy specimens of what He has hidden in His clear, clean, unadulterated words of life for those responding to the vibrations coming from His cave of treasure.

Once these words are digested and applied, a different behaviour emerges within the initiate, never to be the same again. These believers start to prepare for their journey to the next exciting realm Yahusha has in store for them in their new home and city. Forget Noach's Ark and the Fires of Judgement - The New Heaven and The New Earth is the only direction they are really interested in.

Brothers and Sisters this treasure is calling to you through the Misty Mountains of Love.

By Chris Hilton . . .