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False Impressions.

Today we are looking at "FALSE IMPRESSIONS" in the life of a believer. Behaviour Revolution researched on google and found in the dictionary that 'false impressions' comes out only as FALSE. That's pretty easy to understand because we all know what an impression is. Look carefully at the list below and ask yourself if any of these words describe your behaviour because a False Impression is a behaviour.

English Definition

1 not in accordance with the truth or facts 2 irregular or invalid - a false start 3 untruthful or lying - a false account 4 not genuine, real, or natural; artificial; fake - false eyelashes 5 being or intended to be misleading or deceptive - a false rumour 6 disloyal or treacherous - a false friend 7 based on mistaken or irrelevant ideas or facts - false pride, a false argument

If any of these words are dominating your personality or living in the hidden corridors of your heart they are a great danger to yourself and will be hunted out by the Ruach. This type of behaviour is a floggable offence that we bring upon ourselves, if we hide feelings and emotions that are really strongholds of unclean spirits dominating our behaviour.

This is how Yahuah perfects His bride and if we are unwilling to endure His discipline He will not treat you as sons. Just so you all know, this behaviour is rampant on Facebook and is abominable to Yahusha and will stop you from receiving a wedding gown to enter into the feast. Brothers and Sisters it is all about your BEHAVIOUR.

Behaviour Revolution is deeply involved with floggable offences and wants it's readers to know that there are consequences with the way we use our attitudes and language in our behaviour, both for good or bad.

Have you been "insincere" to anyone? This is Scripturally a floggable offence in case you did not know. There is another word that the word `insincere' is closely related too, which is 'dishonest'. Have a look at the description below.

dishonest - adjective

behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy, deceitful, or insincere way.

"he was a dishonest hypocrite prepared to exploit his family"

synonyms: fraudulent, corrupt, swindling, cheating, double-dealing; More

antonyms: honest

intended to mislead or cheat.

"he gave the editor a dishonest account of events"

Brothers and Sisters being insincere or dishonest are both floggable offences and should be dealt with and overcome by the believer, so that their motives and behaviour of their own conversation are pure and clean towards those they communicate with. This is loving behaviour, the opposite behaviour is offensive.

By Chris Hilton . . .

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