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Marriage Is A Failure Globally.

Majority wise, marriage is a failure, globally !!

The reason marriage has failed is because of religious influences into the contract. Without Messiah's marriage contract (the ten commandments), marriage is a false document harbouring no protection from evily invasive influences (particularly religion). Yes ! That means every marriage contract undertaken apart from Messiah is a sham!

We have already shown that the false bride (all religions) are controlled by the beast whom the woman rides on from revelation. This beast is literally referred to as a monster, because behind every religion there is a supernatural being, an unclean spirit (a monster), guiding and deceiving each member through their leaders. When you talk to them they get this glazed look over their eyes and you know something has taken them over. This is the time you know you have to go and you run for your life. Such is the control of the religious monster over it's devotees, which will destroy their lives, if there is no intervention.

A marriage contract with Messiah is a dedication and a commitment undertaken to live according to Turah Instructions. THIS IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A REALITY ! A real Bridal Marriage in Messiah cannot be accomplished successfully without the guiding protection of His Ruach ha 'Qodesh - this is another Turah stipulation for success. The supernatural Spirit of Messiah will enter us through immersion, with the promise of loving protection and blessings upon that union.

The false bride (religion) is totally against such a union with its blessings. Religion has interfered so much with the process of marriage through laws, cost and the social status, that it is becoming a lesser experience for the younger generations. Without the Set-Apart Spirit within the marriage guiding the bride, she then takes on the mindset of her predecessors (as there is not much real example of a loving marriage in Messiah for her to see, or powerful enough for her to follow).

So she starts mimicking her matriarchal examples. Their behaviour is that of a whore, who is a bully about everything, behind a sweet smiling mouth. Her husbands (the false bride that is) are the instruments of her whoring and philandering.

Soon the false young bride learns how to become a respected member of the society of marriage destruction serving her religious monster that she worships. A man who stands up to this female bully is totally persecuted from all her friends until he subjects to their influence. Once the man gives in he is then her instrument.

Have a good look girls - are you responsible for bringing this sort of behaviour into your marriage, which will in turn enter the body destroying other relationships? Already the female bully system is lodging itself into the hearts of many believers. The wise virgins understand that half of those who declare their virginity are already foolish.

The truth can be easily seen through behaviour, as it is so obvious who acts like the false whore and who doesn't. You can't pretend it or fake it for long without an outburst. That is why a marriage with Messiah will help you overcome and give you peace. It is all in your behaviour "viva le revolusion" . .

By Chris Hilton . . .