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No Such Place as Heaven or Hell.


Final and eternal decisions with Scriptural Foundations are great decisions to make, and the BYNV has made it so much easier for us today.

Heaven and hell as we were taught since our childhood are spiritual places of magnificence and these imaginations have developed within our conscious minds as we have aged. The reality that Turah brings though is a completely different concept. There is a place called Shamayim (explained ---"Where He Is").

Turah says just before the Messiah re-appears, coming on the clouds, the sky will open up like a scroll. This statement proves to us all the more the supernatural-ness of our existence and that our relationship with our Bridegroom Messiah is of a Spiritual Nature. Knowing this reality now, we realise that RECEIVING THE NAME OF YAHUSHA IS WHERE WE RECEIVE HIS SPIRIT WITHIN US FOR POWER TO OVERCOME THE EVIL SPIRIT WHICH IS TRYING TO KILL US. You see a lot of people don't take this stuff seriously enough.

Anyway getting back to the point of the sky opening up like a scroll, we can see with the modern mind that on the other side of this scroll lies a different dimension which is called "SHAMAYIM" (meaning where He is). Shamayim has been referred to as "heaven", or "in the heavens," and the word heaven is today mixed with Turah and pagan philosophies losing the true understanding of what Shamayim really is.

When we look at the rest of the instruction from the Revelation, we see that Yahusha has prepared for His Bride the most stunning and amazing city for her to live in. After the sin and evil of this world has been cleansed by fire, Yahusha is supernaturally replenishing this earth into the most amazingly beautiful place of abundance. We as His Bride are supernaturally perfected and then transported by Angels into His presence to get our rewards, good or loss. Get your heads around this one kids. This process of prophecy is all happening at once. Here we really see with spiritual eyes the supernatural environment Yahusha has promised us. THE NEW YERUSHALAYIM IS YISHARAL THE BRIDE WHICH DESCENDS UNDER SUPERNATURAL POWER DOWN FROM SHAMAYIM TO EARTH WHERE IT WILL REMAIN FOR ETERNITY.

Hell is a word with pagan origins (roots) that have been imbedded into our consciousness. It is a metaphor of "fires used to describe complete destruction," as though we never really existed.

Behaviour Revolution has made these internal, eternal decisions. Can you see where Yahusha is, in his Shamayim dimension? We have the ability to communicate with Yahusha through His Spirit in our hearts, if we follow instructions we will be able to build good works, not for the fire. Yahusha has prepared himself for us, our words and works, are our behaviours by which we build on, are our preparations for Him. EVERY PERSON IS BUILDING THROUGH THEIR BEHAVIOURS AND WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT THEY WILL BE JUDGED ACCORDINGLY. Imagine being told you ae going to destruction by Yahusha himself. Wow - behaviour is so important brothers.

By Chris Hilton . . .