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What Did Yahusha Look Like?

Yashayahu - Isaiah 53:2 "For He grew up before Him as a tender plant and as a root out of dry ground. He has no form or splendor that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should desire Him".

In other words there was nothing at all about Yahusha that we would be physically or sexually attracted to. Yet there were miraculous powers emanating through His unattractiveness. These powers are described as love.

He grew up as a tender root out of dry ground, which describes His features completely. How does a plant grow from dry ground - what would it's features look like? It would only manifest a lesser version of its own plant species. Did you know that this is what Yahusha looked like? Talk about humbleness today - they all want to be admired, even if they are ugly!

In leu of the above, it helps us to see that THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE BRIDE SHOULD BE COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE TO WHAT WE SEE BEING THROWN AT US TODAY. The meaning of love in today's society is more about us pleasing each others desires, with a physically gratifying aspect, than with spiritual behaviour towards each other that would blossom into lasting fulfilment.

Girls did you notice the hansom prince/knight, on the white horse saving the dame in distress in the picture? This is the image and desire of what is in the hearts of most women at any age today. This image has been sown on purpose to create confusion, because as soon as she finds her prince, the dame tries to mould her man as to how she expects him to behave towards her, because of her imaginations. When her prince does not shape up she starts being a bully and guess what, it is all about how he behaves towards her. Of course this will breed contempt and possible failure.

This image of the knight in shining armour is a distorted image flooding the minds of women globally. This image is a deceit and actually taken from the Scripture in Revelation, where the Bride of Yahusha is waiting for His return. GIRLS IT MAY SURPRISE YOU, BUT MEN ARE ALSO WANTING TO BE RESCUED FROM THEMSELVES. MEN ARE WAITING FOR THEIR SAVIOUR ON THE WHITE HORSE.THIS DISTORTED IMAGE OF WHAT LOVE IS HAS INFILTRATED THE RANKS OF BELIEVERS WHO ARE ACTING OUT THE CONFUSION OF THIS VERSION OF LOVE.

Truly our understanding of love needs to be revised and we all need deliverance from these spots and wrinkles of deceit. If we are acting out this sort of selfish love, we have no possible chance of building on the foundation. This sort of confused behaviour is not love, it does not consider those around us and is a trap to stop us from building on the true foundation. If you haven't already check out "The Three rules" on Behaviour Revolution from Facebook, please do :

By Chris Hilton . . .