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Happy New Year?

How much longer are Natsarim/Messianics going to try and educate the global blind masses by hurling sound bites of Hebrew TRUTH at them? Do you know anyone in your everyday real life that could give a flying hooplah about when the REAL Hebrew new year is? And anyway, how does this knowledge encourage LOVING BEHAVIOUR? Listen guys - everyone who is chosen and in the Bride Company knows that the real Scriptural year begins just before Passover. We get it, love it and are having it. Why do you keep telling the world about it? Knowledge gains no converts - Knowledge builds religions. Start loving people and just SHUT UP with all the Hebrew stuff. When Yahusha awakens someone He will teach them everything they need to be His Bride. If He hasn't awakened them (you can tell by their BEHAVIOUR) then just let them have it and don't take anything they say personally. Join the BEHAVIOUR REVOLUTION today... Love you all. Mark