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Who Is The Author of Confusion?

If we look at the sign in the background we see 3 major words, "Jerusalem, Church and God". These words we all know what they mean and which hole to slot them into, in our minds.

When we look at these words through believing eyes we know from our research that the first word "JERUSALEM" is a city in Israel today, but when referring to "The Bride OF YAHUSHA" from Scripture, it is always called "Yisharal." Next word is "CHURCH" nowhere do you find this word in the original texts. It was always called a "GATHERING or ASSEMBLY" and always referred to the people rather than a building. The next word is "GOD" this word has been added to Scripture and should be Yahuah, the word "GOD" means "BAAL" (the sun god in hebrew). Ancient history tells us that BAAL is Satan (HA SHATAN).

You see brothers and sisters when we look at these simple happy people being led astray by evil missionaries, who know the truth but hide it in a perverted translation of Scripture, you wonder what other sorts of abominations are being done to these innocents.

WHAT A STUPID SIGN ANYWAY, IT MAKES NO SENCE !!!!! What the hell 7th day sanctified means is beyond imagination. Brothers and Sisters don't just look at these posts but look into them and what they are saying. Again this is more propaganda coming out of the myriad of believers causing more and more confusion.