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THE REASON WHY I AM WRITING ABOUT UNFORGIVENESS IS because of my personal experience of overcoming this hideously physically deforming behaviour.

When I married "I married up" as the saying goes. But as far as I was concerned I was marrying the girl that I loved and not her families `so called' status - as I promptly let them all know - which they hated me for. I was 29 years old and had lived life to the fullest of what it had to offer me, according to my budget. This of course is my business between me and my Maker which nobody has the right to judge but Him. By this time in my life I could see the errors of my life and turned to Scripture as my guide.

I had been in the army, travelled on planes, boats, planes and helicopters. I only had my business when I met Victoria and fell madly in love with her. Victoria had 3 sisters and 1 brother and not one of them came to our wedding. Victoria's parents lied and sent a message of being unable to attend our wedding, along with her brother.

My parents were left with the embarrassment of explaining where Victoria's family were. Victoria kept if from me at the time (that they all said to her that marrying me was the worst thing she could have done to her family). On top of this, on the day of our wedding, my best man (my own brother), walked out on me. Apparently he received his divorce papers that morning and was already furious - and the fact that I invited her to my wedding gave him reason to walk out on us.

Some of Victoria's relo's arrived but that didn't soften the blow of the snub to my family. The hatred of Victoria's Parents towards us just made my blood boil and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do (to forgive them). This hatred has been passed on to their children and their children as well. We have been watching this generational hatred coming towards us for 38 years with no sign of stopping.

Victoria's family still blame me yet we have been in love all this time, which they can do nothing about - we know He fights our battles. Victoria has pleaded with her family for years to accept our union, without success. This is only a minute example of the wickedness I have watched my darling subject herself to for the love of the uncircumcised hearts of her family.

Who knows what the outcome will be and if there will be any victory. People choose their own destinies and I am so happy to know that it is my behaviour before Yahusha that will please him. I really pray for those in hatred for their deliverance.

By Chris Hilton . . .