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Biggest Scandal in History.

Answering a question to the accusive mindset that many are trapped in today BECAUSE OF THE INITIAL LIE PUBLISHED IN THE PALESTINIAN POST below. Man does not declare the things of the Creator, yet here we have man deciding the fate of the Jewish people. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCANDAL IN HISTORY.

Brother as usual you have quoted YirmeYahu (Jer) 16 out of context as most do who have your understanding, then they give themselves the right to accuse others of anti-semitic views. This type of behaviour is childish, rude and unacceptable. What do prophets do but prophecy - and here we can easily see that YirmeYahu is prophesying: IT'S ABOUT THE REAPERS GOING TO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH TO GATHER THE HARVEST AND BRIDE YISHARAL, FOR THE BRIDEGROOM YAHUSHA. This simply stands up with what the Revelation says. Yisharal has never come back to the land yet and won't until the reapers bring her to Yahusha, then she will come down to earth in the Bridal City - the New Yerushalayim with Yahusha as His bride and wife - to live in eternal peace.

My Brother if you do some research you will find out that some of those in Israel will repent and become part of Yisharal and before the judgement hits they should flee that land. Remembering mate, Yahusha said, "My Reign (kingdom) is not of this earth." Meaning that Yisharal, each chosen person is a building block for the New Yerushalayim - at the moment Yisharal is hidden in the 4 corners of the world and only Yahusha knows where His Bride is. YAHUSHA IS PERFECTING HER AWAY FROM PRYING EYES, REMOVING THE SPOTS AND WRINKLES FROM HER PURE WHITE LINEN GARMENT.

Yahusha reigns in the hearts of His people and His kingdom is not seen of this world. His Bride will never be seen by sinners. THOSE GATHERING IN ISRAEL TODAY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BRIDE OF YAHUSHA.

By Chris Hilton . . .