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The UBER RICH Ten Kings?

We the simple-living, would be classed as uneducated and colloquial individuals, common to the core and good for taxes only. As far as Revelation 17:12 tells us about the kings in the last days, would the super-rich (called "THE UBER RICH") billionaires be classed as Kings in these last days?

When we watch this video below and see how childishly, ridiculously, ruthlessly, stupidly, these billionaires are without the gracious loving kindness of Yahusha within their being, we see how actually poor they really are.

We could not even dream of or even know of the wealth they actually possess or have. The society of man is becoming insane, without a conscience or softness towards their fellow man.

When we look at Revelation 17:12 on our journey of what is a king today, we see that the knowledge, wisdom and wealth coming from the amazing achievements of places like Dubai. We can see how the imaginations of men have been captured, literally (stolen) by the knowledge wisdom and things of this world, of course wanting us to deny anything associated with "Turah Behaviour." Brothers and Sisters be careful your mind is not taken over with these amazing feats of the imaginations of men.

When we see this video below, we should acknowledge what an unreality this lifestyle would be for us. These people are using their wealth to get wealth from the rest of the world and to build their own coffers with deeper pockets.

Behaviour Revolution thinks it is very healthy for all of us to see the cruelty and wickedness of how this world treats such as us. Most of us do not have the time to build such dynasty. We need to know that there is extreme wealth in this world that we couldn't even dream of.

To live this type of lifestyle changes those who do to a very different behaviour of lovelessness. Have a look why people wouldn't even listen to us if they are caught up and impressed by what the world is doing.

This is why Yahusha says "we need to overcome the world", because these things are such a powerful drawing on our emotions and the life within us, wanting us to forsake our calling and run to this splendidness they are offering us.

Check this modern day King and see how he runs his kingdom of Monaco. It is a tax haven for billionaires and millionaires which brings untold money into his kingdom. How wealthy can this king be by using the money of his rich subjects? Brothers and Sisters everything is a trap, could this king be one of those 10 horns on the beast ?

This is where the filthy rich criminals hang with their black (tax free) money. According to our journey looking for the ten horns (kings) in these last days of revelation, we ask, are the leaders of this province "Kings" in their own right ?

Again our journey takes us to look at where the kings are, from Revelation 17:12, The beast (meaning the system governing us all) has 7 heads and 10 horns. The 10 horns are 10 kings who become of one mind. They tear the woman riding the beast apart and they burn her. Then they reign and rule this earth for a time.

Our journey is to look at who these kings might be in the world today. Could these uber rich be part of this amalgamation to overthrow the religious banking and political system (the beast) that controls this earth?

Check out video one, two and three - the prince says, "THE KINGDOM BUYS IT."

Is Alwaleed one of the ten kings from Rev 17:12 ?


Make up your own mind as to the impression we have been given and what we have really been told.

Have a look at how the next rich generation are growing up outside the American Dream and imagine how they will treat you.

Now that we have seen the great unbelievable wealth these people possess, could they be considered KINGS when referring to Rev 17:12 ???