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Thelema and the Royal Family.

(click here to watch directly on Youtube )

Of course we don't believe everything we hear, but this is a very interesting journey (especially the part which tells us how they use the Law of Thelema - Which is at the beginning of this study).

As you know we have been delighted that teachers are so effected by the 3 RULES from Behaviour Revolution and we rejoice in their persecution of our 3 rules. These teachers have resorted to persecuting the 3 Rules to stop its circulation by associating us to the Law of Thelema which is idolatry, evil and witchcraft. All I can say is, "boy it must be upsetting their superiority," to the point where they have to lash out with such hatred.

Now Brothers and Sisters these are reputable teachers and if we shared their names you would be shocked. Obviously as Yahusha shared His Words the Pharisees were reeling publicly and trying to prove His words wrong. This is the same behaviour these teachers are having about the 3 Rules which proves in a way the voice of Yahusha has spoken to them.

At any rate take a look at how they associate the Law of Thelema with the Royal Family's wealth and power - and while you are watching just realise if Behaviour Revolution had such wealth and power, what we could do for the global health and well-being in the Name of Yahusha. You will then see how ridiculous it is for the teachers to compare us with such wealth and power.

If only we had these powers and wealth and not the evil that comes with it. Obviously this is not Yahusha's way because He is looking for those who are real and will deny this world and choose His Words to live by, so we are happy to rest in our hiding place and work in the capacity He has given us - bless you all.

By Chris Hilton . . .