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For the Joy.

When we come around the Turah and are exposed to the suffering, the agony and ultimate sacrifice Yahusha took upon Himself FOR THE JOY that would follow - we are exposed to His LOVE, and just like the leaven that is to be rid from our homes at this time of year, our puffed up, wicked, depraved, ungrateful, jealous, repulsive, complaining, arrogant BEHAVIOURS are dissipated and fade into the useless nothingness that they truly are when exposed to the ultimate sacrifice and love of Yahusha, who went to the stake


Behaviour Revolution has put forth 3 rules that Yahusha has shown us - and if we actually take these rules seriously and allow them to change our behaviour they bring about ultimate DELIVERANCE and can restore the love between Husbands and Wives, Parents and Children and all the relationships within Yahusha's Bride. All our petty complaints and problems and the "she said, he said, she said, he said" (you know, all that wicked, unclean spirit activity) just flees when exposed to Yahusha's presence.

My wife Amy and I have experienced a very deep love and deliverance in our personal relationship today - we look at ourselves and how we have behaved and lived and complained and been so dreadful - right in Yahusha's face and yet He is so gracious and loving to forgive us of all our wickedness. When we are willing to humble ourselves in the sight of our spouse and wash their feet and repent genuinely - there is a restoring of LOVE where we are willing to forgive and forget what we have done to each other for so many years.

Yahusha truly is our deliverance and He has given us these rules to bring about the delivering, refining process in His Bride:



3. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES (speak the truth)

True deliverance is when you can STAND and ENDURE in the face of numerous adversities and have JOY because you know the process, the training, the flogging, the walk, your suffering, you know what evil is and most of all YOU KNOW YAHUSHA because He is your deliverance and you are running your race to BEHAVE and walk as He does.

Here is a Passover Video we made 5 years ago with our kids, which helps illustrate the simple points of Yahusha's fulfilment of this amazing Feast: