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Riding The Waves of Restoration.

ACTS 3:19-21 "Repent therefore and turn back, for the blotting out of your sins, in order that times of refreshing might come from the presence of the Master, and that He sends Yahusha Mashiak, preappointed for you, whom heaven needs to receive until the times of restoration of all things, of which Alahim spoke through the mouth of all His set-apart prophets since of old".

Looking at this Scripture in CORRECT CONTEXT we see that freshly Ruach-Filled Peter and John had just been used to heal a lame man at the temple-gate and a great hullabaloo followed. These men had spent over three years with Yahusha Himself, watching and studying very closely, every smile, mannerism and BEHAVIOUR of the Master - then came the Death, Resurrection, fear and waiting - and then infilling of Yahusha Himself into them at Pentecost (Shabuoth). These were normal simple men like you and I - what were they really thinking? They were chosen for some apparent reason by Yahusha, trained for three years and were now unleashed to face the RELIGIOUS CLIMATE all around them. And we’ve read of the many exploits they achieved through Yahusha’s power after His Ascension.

I’ve been reading about the Tabernacle of David (booth of Daud) and thinking about how YAHUSHA HAS BEEN RESTORING TRUTH TO HIS BRIDE ever since the Dark Ages and TEACHING HER HOW TO BEHAVE. The world was indeed very dark a few hundred years ago. The Catholic Beast controlled everything including who had access to the written Scriptures and who could understand them. The common folk were ignorant, in bondage and were taught that they had to partake in the seven sacraments if they wanted deliverance.

One of the biggest steps in RESTORATION came when Martin Luther ushered in the reformation against the Catholic Church and the common folk were able to learn to read and write and gain access to Yahusha’s Word for themselves. This of course formed many new movements of fresh new BEHAVIOUR but which eventually lost its flame and turned into CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS. While this was happening the Jewish people were holding onto the Covenant given at Sinai but over centuries had added so much alternate instruction and practices that they too had lost all sparks of correct BEHAVIOUR and were merely a RELIGION too, declaring one thing, but BEHAVING another as they manipulate the Worldly Systems for their own gain.

This is what happens in all Scriptural-based Religions; They are BORN ON THE WAVE OF A GREAT TRUTH AND RESTORATION but over years and decades the LOVING BEHAVIOUR gets overtaken by the ambitions of those who want to keep their power, position or wealth. There is a halt in the SEEKING, SEARCHING & RIDING THE WAVES OF RESTORATION.

Over the last 30 years RESTORATION of YAHUSHA’S TRUE NAME (and appointed times) has spread like wild-fire. People are being immersed in His Name, being set free and delivered from all kinds of unclean practises, pesterings and lifestyles in Yahusha’s Name and the waves of RESTORATION were rolling again. It was revealed that the true followers of Yahusha were called Natsarim AND SO FROM AMONGST THE RELIGIOUS MESSIANICS - THE NATSARIM MOVEMENT WAS BORN.

When I first started making videos as a Natsarim man there was hardly anything to be found on Youtube or Google with the Names of Yahuah & Yahusha - NOW IT IS FLOODED - Which is so very exciting. However like all waves of restoration the majority digs their heals in, sets up walls, creates a religion with a mission statement and behavioural lifestyle practices which mimic the surrounding Religions (i.e. power/position/wealth). When a group of people is slagged at, put down and persecuted by other religious folk, there are those that rise up who want to prove to the surrounding Religions that the Natsarim can achieve a similar level of worldly religious success also. For many years I dreamed of carrying the Natsarim movement to the next level, the next generation, putting it on the global map. Fortunately Yahusha has shown a MORE EXCELLENT WAY that He is functioning in - BEHAVIOUR . . .

It is all about Behaviour and Yahusha has shown us that the new wave (or revolution) is in HOW WE BEHAVE. Not to look back and abandon all the truth we’ve learnt from all the previous waves of restoration but to keep going with redemption, the cleansing process, the disciplines, training, transformation and realisation of how Yahusha’s Bride is to be clothed if she is to make the Wedding Feast (how she should be living and behaving).

Are you willing to keep riding the waves of restoration and partake in this time of refreshing ( THE BEHAVIOUR REVOLUTION ) where Yahusha is showing us that the religious way of witnessing and behaving like a buffoon to the world (who only hate the message anyway) is not intelligent or gracious at all - but ALLOWING YAHUSHA TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR SO THAT YOU ARE A SHINING EXAMPLE OF HIS DELIVERANCE is going to be a greater witness and example of Messiah’s love in the darkness of these highways and byways that we trade on every day.

By Mark Davidson