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Violent Mixtures.

When the Fallen Malakim (angels), taught women how to procreate with them, the genetic offspring of this union produced a deformed gargantuan called a giant. When giants roamed this earth they had veracious appetites in all things and it seemed nothing could stop their dominance. Giants came in all shapes and sizes and reproduced themselves through all species. These deformities all had a gene in common which was VIOLENCE . . .

As we well know and it is recorded that Noah and his family were the only ones left on earth with the pure bloodline of Adam. The creation had become a grotesque apparition of what was originally designed and this horrid deformity filled the earth with nothing but violence. It had come to the point where humanity was a devouring uselessness and had to be destroyed. Only Noah could save the original design of humanity by being separated from the Malakim spawn . . . . . so we had the flood.

After the flood, giants have re-appeared haphazardly, but not enough to dominate humanity again. We do understand from Scripture that MIXING GENES CREATES VIOLENT ABOMINATIONS WITH DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES, but today this does not seem to deter our possessed scientists, who are seeking to produce more and more gene mixtures unawares of the outcome. Scripture says in the last days it will be like the days of Noah - that can only mean that there are things walking amongst us that should not be there.

Again today we are also faced with a dilemma, another mixture that causes violence. When we were given the written word we were told not to mix the truth with idolatry, otherwise we would be introducing a deformity (curse) that would ruin our mindsets, which is called sanity. Humanity has medically come to the stage where billboard posting in the local surgery says, "ASK DOCTOR ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH." This so called "CURSE" is upon us because we have mixed traditions with Torah (Turah). The violence of religion (THE MIXTURE), is dominating humanity's landscape to the point where sanity and truth hold no credence.

Just as the deformed gene of the violence of gargantua dominated humanity pre-flood, again today humanity is facing another mixture crisis. Turah and traditions have been mixed into a packaged mindset taking our sanity and leaving violence in it's place.

Humanity is again disappointing it's Creator and all who disagree with the Turah will be punished with destruction. If you feel your situation is impossible to be delivered from think again - the Master of humanity shed His blood for our deliverance and if you truly believe in the Master Yahusha and return to Turah behaviour, you will find your deliverance - I wouldn't waste any time though.

The photos above show us certain worldly dominate traditional mindsets (violent mixtures) which can only find deliverance in Yahusha. Remembering that our behaviour is judged according to Turah, everything we do or say is a behaviour. LOTZALUV.

By Chris Hilton . . .