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Marriage is a Behaviour.

This photo above of mutual submission is not the impression Turah gives us of a marriage, besides the word is SUBJECT yourselves to, not SUBMIT yourselves to - quite a different meaning. Eph 5:21..... "Subjecting yourselves to each other in the fear of Yahuah".

Why would Yahuah want us to do such behaviour? Well read from Ephesians 1-21 and you will understand the incorrect behaviour that we don't bring into our marriage and what not to behave within the family home. Brothers, MARRIAGE IS A BEHAVIOUR and this is why Behaviour Revolution is explaining how all Scripture must be behaved first, to receive and understand the benefits of the application of Turah and the ensuing results. Behaving Turah instruction in our marriage entitles us to Covenantal Blessings.

Eph 5:22 says, "WIVES SUBJECT YOURSELVES TO YOUR OWN HUSBANDS, AS TO THE MASTER." This is something every married woman must come to terms with HERSELF - do some research on the word "subject". WHY WOULD YAHUAH WANT THE WIVES TO DO SUCH A BEHAVIOUR? Verse 23 says "Because the husband is the head of the asha,as also the Mashiak is head of the assembly and He is Deliverer of the body". So girls by subjecting yourselves to your husband your body will be delivered. This is the behaviour Satan does not want wives or women to overcome.

Not forgetting the men's behaviour Eph 5:25......."Husbands love your wives, as Mashiak did also love the assembly and gave himself for it". Plenty to keep yourselves busy there guys but reading until the end of this chapter will give us a complete understanding of the instruction of how to love as Yahusha loved.

Brothers I am 68 years old (the same age as Israel). Israel always brags about her accomplishments and what a benefit she is to the world, yet I have never seen her behave as Turah instruction says and she is the keeper of the Word. I have never in my life of 38 married years seen my wife or myself reach this complete standard and really no one can question our love - don't you feel the same. I visited the author of many books of Natsarim love Lew White and could see he and Phyllis had not reached the goal of true mutual submission yet, but no one could question their love.

Brothers I have come to realise that this goal DOES exist in the end days Bride Company, whether or not I will be alive to be in that group I can't say. This will not deter us from striving for that overcoming to please our Master through whatever storm that we have to go through. Be encouraged brothers and sisters and keep striving. Perfection comes when we meet Him in the sky.

By Chris Hilton . . .