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Happiness comes after Contentment

Brothers . . . !!


content - kənˈtɛnt/ adjective 1. in a state of peaceful happiness. "he seemed more content, less bitter". synonyms: contented, satisfied, pleased; gratified, fulfilled; happy, cheerful, cheery, glad, delighted; tranquil, unworried, untroubled, at ease,at peace, comfortable, serene, placid, complacent "she seemed content with her lot in life" antonyms: discontented, dissatisfied willing to accept something; satisfied. "he had to be content with third place" verb: content; 3rd person present: contents; past tense: contented; past participle: contented; gerund or present participle: contenting 1. satisfy (someone). "nothing would content her apart from going off to Barcelona" synonyms: soothe, pacify, placate, appease, please, mollify, make happy, satisfy, still, quieten, silence "her reply seemed to content him" - accept as adequate despite wanting more or better. "we contented ourselves with a few small purchases" synonyms: be content, be satisfied, satisfy oneself; More noun: content; plural noun: contents 1. a state of satisfaction. "the greater part of the century was a time of content" 2. a member of the British House of Lords who votes for a particular motion.

The name Yahuah is "The Key of Knowledge." We are told that Yahusha is the door.

It does not matter what any religious individual says against these statements about to be made, because they are exempt. Remembering that religion has absolutely no part in this experience we are about to speak of. Trying to find what we are talking about through the door of religion is completely impossible.

The above statement declares that there is a knowledge and wisdom available to man - a higher knowledge and wisdom that does not come through man's religion. Yahuah scoffs at the foolishness of men trying to monopolise His words into their own meanings. If you try to understand Turah without the correct qualifications, unproven and untested, you are just making a mockery of the written truth and this is Satan's plan to twist and confuse the Turah using man's religion. Yahusha will have His way though and He will achieve His goal of a faithful loving Bride. Something that Yahusha adores is a "FAITHFULL BRIDE."

Brothers to enter the door and get the knowledge of Yahuah we need to be immersed into His name Yahushua Messiah and receive the Ruach ha Qodesh without any religious affiliation - it is much better if you immerse yourself just between you and Yahusha. The helper will lead us and guide us into correct behaviour. We cannot practice Turah through religion because religion is a mixture of beliefs. Our relationship with Yahushua is apart from the religious mindset. HEBREWS 12 TELLS US WE THAT WILL BE SEVERELY TESTED (FLOGGED), TO PROVE OUR FAITHFULNESS AND WE ARE ALSO TOLD NOT TO FAINT BUT ENDURE HIS LOVING KINDNESS.

Those who past this test are proven and tried. Yahusha will then share His knowledge and wisdom with us by the Ruach because He can trust us - but only by going through the trial of facing every situation that comes before us, as a test, that Yahushua wants us to pass. By keeping the contentment of our love relationship through correct behaviour (Turah), proving that we love Him Yahusha is satisfied with the fact that we are understanding His mindset. When we come to the standard that satisfies Yahushua He starts a deeper understanding of love with us and pours His wisdom and knowledge into us, to be effective with our lives. This walk is totally separated from the mixture of religion and will bring contentment and happiness.

By Chris Hilton . . .