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Learning How To Love

READ MATT 22. Yahusha is being taunted and set-up to say incriminating words by the Prushim (religious folk). They ask Him which commandment is the most important, to which He replies “You shall love Yahuah your Alahim with all your heart and with all your being and with all your mind. This is the first and great command and the second is like it: you shall love your neighbour as yourself for on these two commands hang all the Turah and the prophets”.


He’s actually telling them that LOVE is more important because all the Turah (Yahuah’s written instructions) and the Prophets (Yahuah’s spoken instructions) hang on this: Loving Yahuah and loving our neighbour.

Notice He didn’t get caught in their trap, He didn’t get all precious about the commandments (which is what they were counting on) He didn't start listing them and go along with their games. He transcended their argument and hit them with a whammy that left them speechless. He knew they were not behaving Turah and didn’t want to. He hit them where it hurt - behavioural obedience, instead of just appeasing words.

Yahusha was transcending the actual written commandments (not breaking them but fulfilling them) and behaving love everyday and that’s why they wanted to kill Him. Remember we are taught that if we do the fruit of the spirit there will be no law against us. We transcend the written instruction if we are obedient to what Yahusha says: LOVE YAHUAH AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

But how do we do this? Behaviour Revolution is promoting three rules which teach Yahusha’s Bride how to LOVE YAHUAH AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. How could a mindset to teach love, based on every Scripture be heralded as such evil? Because not unlike Yahusha's experience the religious folk hate truth, as it robs them of power. For this reason these rules have been heralded as witchcraft and all sorts of evil, and yet akin to a couple going to marriage counselling to learn how to love, akin to believers seeking a teacher to learn how to love, these three rules teach us how to obey that all important command of Yahusha: LOVE YAHUAH AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR.


1. Let everyone have it

2. Don’t take anything personally

3. Don’t make excuses.

Practising these rules in our day teaches us how to die to ourselves, think of others greater than ourselves and be a servant to all those around us because they are a practical application of every Scripture and therefore are strengthening our character and endurance so that we will not faint when confronted with the ugliness of the human state, no, we dig deeper and lover further through these rules and are not tripped over by unclean spirits, whose goal is to make us look like buffoons, set us up and render Yahusha’s Words powerless.

Can you see that Yahusha’s Words were never powerless? - He was so cool and clever and always caught them out in their lie, in their trick and turned it back on them. Want to be like Yahusha? To have that kind of victory in your life, dispelling unclean spirits? Learn how to overcome and love, transcend the written instruction like Yahusha did through obedience and behaving love - and the 3 rules teach us how to love . . . If we are always getting caught up and tripped over by arguments and bickering and rude behaviour in our homes and workplaces we are rendered powerless, exhausted and soon end up in hopelessness, and this is Satan’s goal. But if we are letting everyone have it and not taking anything personally we win. The other person’s behaviour stays with them, the spirits cannot get into us and over time we get stronger and stronger in our love behaviour and the witness Turah speaks of that will be seen by His Bride - becomes obvious and shining through our behaviour

By Mark Davidson . . .