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Hooked in the Heart.

Brothers . . . !!

THE WORLD'S BEST FISHERMAN WAS OBVIOUSLY YAHUSHA, not only did He fish for fish but also for men, which is the greater prize according to heaven. Just look at what His teachings accomplished in 3 1/2 short years, then the teachings of Yahusha went global on an amazing fishing trip, for the hearts of men. At this time in history the name of Yahusha was banned from being spoken in public and is still rejected today. This movement of Covenant Renewal was then forced underground in fear of death, which was threatened to anyone following Yahusha. Today religious men have re-discovered this original Name and are muddying the waters with all sorts of confusing teachings which are a mixture of Religion, Torah and Judaism.

We are seeing all sorts of bearded abominations claiming the higher places of holiness in their Messianic and Natsari movements (or denominations). These movements are deceiving the broken masses streaming out of Religion and gathering them under different banners, but they are just the same old carpet-baggers with a new message, and the same old EMPTY TEACHINGS WITH NO REAL DELIVERANCE.

Speaking of deliverance, we have to see and understand the fishing techniques of our Master. Yahusha makes sure He gets His hook right into our hearts and the bait He uses is LOVE. Yahusha has been watching us and preserving us since we were little ones, swimming around with the school of fish He planted us in. As we have grown we come to a point when we realise just where our behaviour has led us, and we feel alone and engulfed by our wickedness - we feel like we are dying inside. WE HAVE BEEN CRYING OUT FOR HELP BECAUSE WE CAN'T STOP OUR OWN BODY AND MIND FROM DOING WICKEDNESS. Yahusha knows at this point in time we will be able to look at and bear our own sin. Suddenly Yahusha appears with a light that shines on our disgusting behaviour. We remember the promises we made Him as a child (a little fish), that we wouldn't do the things we are now doing. We are suddenly humiliated, ashamed and cannot contain our tears of sorrowful repentance. YAHUSHA HAS PERFECT TIMING AND WILL VISIT HIS CHOSEN AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. Please remember this if you are grieving for loved ones.

This is a personal and private moment in time which we have had alone with Yahusha - a time He has chosen to reveal His loving-kindness of forgiveness and deliverance to us. From this miraculous visitation our hearts are now singing with delight, because the cord attached to the unbreakable hook in our hearts is pumping into us the cleansing blood of Yahusha. Our newly circumcised hearts is filling our whole being with His love and light. ONCE YOU HAVE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE WITH YAHUSHA IT IS SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER DENY. No matter what test or trial of endurance which may come our way to want us to reject Yahusha, WE CANNOT DENY OUR MOMENT IN TIME WITH HIS WONDROUS LOVE.

It is a very sad thing that men will not receive this fact that Yahusha is the One who chooses His bride and who brings us to repentance - Who circumcises our hearts and fills us with His Ruach. Yahusha is the One Who trains and teaches us His truth. I would prefer to be led by the Ruach, than to sit under the teachings of men claiming a holiness that is non-existent.

We would like to add that the three rules teach us "Contextual Behaviour." This is a behaviour which is in context with Turah and is like another heart-hook that Yahusha pulls on at times ("ouch"), to show us the way. We have discovered through experience with Yahusha that our heart-hook is still there, even when we are alone and even if we think we can deny the 3 Rules hook. IF YAHUSHA HAS CHOSEN US, THERE IS NO WAY HE WILL LET US DENY HIM. He will reveal Himself to us in everything we do and say - there is no way we can escape responding to His love. Where else are we going to go anyway?

So dear ones if you are worried about a loved one who is denying Yahusha after their immersion, give them the 3 rules and you will be consolidating their experience with Yahusha (hooking them).

( Link: WHAT ARE THE THREE RULES ??? <<< click this link )

You can be assured Yahusha will have His way with them - He wants us not to worry, because they are His responsibility and He will deliver them. Every fish when it is hooked puts up a fight and WHAT YOU ARE WATCHING IS JUST THE BATTLE OF THE FLESH AGAINST THE SPIRIT. Be wise as you wait and watch. The best thing we can do for them is stay calm, pray and love them. Hand everything over to the Master. What is in our flesh and heart after immersion (our habits and behaviours) is wild, mad, angry and wicked and has to come to it's death and Yahusha executes this through His hooked words of love in our hearts, cutting out the spots and wrinkles. This is a time of massive upheaval, hurt and pain as we die to our Behaviour, as Yahusha puts our behaviour in context to Turah. This is such an emotional stressful time which we are told not to get caught up in but let the one being taught by the Ruach be responsible for their words and actions, which is the best teacher.

Brothers rejoice in this understanding which shows us that we all go through the same process, remembering there will be those who try to fake this experience (that think it is just a behaviour), but once they start to mimic Contextual Behaviour everyone can see the fake behaviour. Then the sparks begin to fly and they set fire to wherever they fall. Yahusha said "I didn't come to bring peace but a sword". I am afraid Yahusha chooses whom He wants for His Bride, it is not up to man to elect the applicants. Yahusha is looking for the real sorrowful sinner that will shock those watching as they see the miracle of the Master's work.

The Bride is not a religion but a chosen few who are willing to die to the wickedness of this world and dedicate themselves to Turah behaviour. When Yahusha visits us we understand it is not an experience we can just go out and make happen, but a MASSIVE SUPERNATURAL VISITATION where we experience His love and light that changes us, never to be the same again


Yahusha is calling out those He has chosen which has nothing to do with what mankind is doing. IT DOES NOT EXIST Religion is described as an animal chasing it's tail, it never gets anywhere, but exhausted. What Yahusha is doing with His Bride in this world, is coming to fruition and will climax in the most amazing experience of displayed supernatural power as described in the book of Revelation. Religion (christianity, islam, judaism, messianic etc) is nothing but a stage-act of men impersonating a behaviour which they call holiness - a state which can never be reached because it does not exist. Religion is described as an animal chasing it's tail, it never gets anywhere, but exhausted. What Yahusha is doing with His bride in this world, is coming to fruition and will climax in the most amazing experience of displayed supernatural power as described in the book of Revelation . . . .

By Chris Hilton . . .