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The Two-Sticks Prophesy.

Brothers !!


What does this mean? Jeremiah 31 & Ezekiel 37 both speak of this prophecy which has not been fulfilled to date. Many prophecies have been fulfilled already. The two sticks have names written on them; one is the tribe of Judah (Yahudah) and the other is Ephraim (Afrayim). Both tribes have companions with them which are called the Children of Yisharal.

The Tribe of Yahudah are those left among the Jews of today who receive Yahusha as Messiah and these are called YISHARAL (not Israel) who are those of the Jewish religion. The tribe of Afrayim are those who were scattered from the wife of Yahuah, whom upon receiving Yahusha as Messiah become Yisharal the Bride of Messiah.

This prophecy tells us that the two sticks will eventually be joined together, which means that Yahudah and Afrayim will eventually become Yisharal the Bride of Yahusha, who is called out from the nations.

The way Ezekiel describes the fulfilling of this prophecy could only point to the return of Yahusha and how life will be then after the cleansing fires have been on the earth, because everything is going to be everlasting.

There are men today trying to fulfil this prophecy in the flesh, they want to rebuild the temple of Solomon and set up a false worship system of animal sacrifices again, which Yahusha has made null and void - deleted. So sad and many are deceived into this trickery.

Jeremiah 31-18 says I have clearly heard Afrayim lamenting, 'You have chastised me and I was chastised, like an untrained calf. Turn me back and I shall turn back, for you are Yahuah my Alahim. In verse 6 it says,"FOR THERE SHALL BE A DAY WHEN THE NATSARIM CRY ON MOUNT AFRAYIM, 'ARISE AND LET US GO TO TSIYON, TO YAHUAH OUR ALAHIM.' "

If you look at Behaviour Revolution's articles "The 3 Rules" and "The Test" we believe this is what the Natsarim are crying from Afrayim which needs to be spread globally. This is what will perfect our behaviour to Turah-Obedience, bringing forth the fruits of righteousness and joining the two sticks into one, therefore fulfilling the prophecy.

Looking at the photos above shows us that these representations are not Yahudah or Afrayim . . .

By Chris Hilton . . .