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Are you Willing to be Galvanised?

Don't be caught up in this rhetoric from Maajid Nawaz, it is obvious that he is not speaking from The Ruach ha'Qodesh because the message would be presented with a very different behaviour of spirit, not with this spirit of seductive violence. This is the spirit of the world with its own purpose to capture the hearts and minds of men which we have no comment about, because we know that Yahusha is bringing men's theories to a climax of destruction. It is better for us to be about our Masters business.

This is what is now performing on the global stage "you need to be galvanised," as we say at Behaviour Revolution straight from the Scripture @ 2Tim 2:4 - No one serving as a soldier gets involved in the affairs of this life,in order to please Him who enlisted him as a soldier (meaning Yahuah). We as soldiers in another war i.e. a spiritual battle, which manifests itself through either righteous or unrighteous behaviours, "for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,"

Brothers we are not fighting a physical war and should have nothing to do with such behaviour. The best advice we can give is that IF YOU ARE IN A WAR ZONE DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO TO GET OUT OF IT.IF YOU ARE LIVING IN A PLACE LIKE ISRAEL,DO ALL THE RESEARCH YOU CAN ON IT'S TRUE HISTORY (NOT ON THE HEARSAY OF MEN) & MAKE UP YOUR MIND WHETHER YOU SHOULD BE THERE OR NOT. There is a tremendous pull to be part of this new nation. I just received a personal message telling me what tribe of Israel my Surname puts me into. That is the start of recruiting me to live in Israel, so I will take all my wealth to that country. We believe ALL RELIGION IS A SCAM.

Remember Yahusha said "My kingdom (reign) is not of this world". When Yahusha left this earth He entered the spiritual domain of Shamayim. The war we are fighting is a spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of men and women to take them out of the affairs of this life. People are fighting physical (carnal) wars because the truth is hidden from them and they are not told there is another way.

CHECK BEHAVIOUR REVOLUTION for articles on enlisting into the greatest army in history. Those who deny the seduction of heritage, nationality, religion and patriotism of the affairs of this life, have made up their minds to be enslaved by the love and sacrifice of Yahusha presenting TORAH (Turah) behaviour before this world. This is setting the precept called The Reign (kingdom) of Yahusha. THOSE WHO COMMIT TO THIS LIFESTYLE ARE CALLED "THE BRIDE OF YAHUSHA," FOREVER (not galvanised or the latest trend). You see brothers Turah behaviour shows the sinner that there is a chance for them - remember Yahusha came as the Great Physician to heal the sinner and his ailments... knowing that it is not about race or the so-called elite of religion, but about the sinner who repents and needs a saviour (deliverer).

We don't know how Yahusha will get this message across to His people but we will keep saying it. We are to have nothing to do with "THE AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE". Messianic, Natsarim, and Christians are always commenting on the political situation and so many affairs of this life, forgetting the calling that we are to bring the good news of salvation (deliverance) to the sinner, not be involved with "THE AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE."

Sensationalism is blinding our people, this is the seduction of the Great Whore of Babylon parading her violence on the world stage. Remember violence comes in all it's subtleties of behaviours and people are immediately attracted to this type of poignant behaviour.


By Chris Hilton . . .