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Beware of False Teachers.

Brothers . . . !!


WHAT DOES FALSE MEAN ? false - adjective 1. not according with truth or fact; incorrect. "he was feeding false information to his customers" - synonyms: incorrect, untrue, wrong, erroneous, fallacious, faulty, flawed, distorted, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, invalid, unfounded; untruthful, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, made up, trumped up, unreal, counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, spurious, misleading, deceptive - "he gave a false account of his movements" - antonyms: correct, truthful - not according with rules or law - "false imprisonment" 2. made to imitate something in order to deceive. "the trunk had a false bottom"

NO MATTER WHAT HUMANITY TELLS YOU, the teachings of men without the Ruach haQodesh are false. It is time we stood on this truth and fact. Religion is not Turah teaching under the influence of "The Ruach." In fact unless we are infilled with Mashiak, we cannot grasp the fullness of the word. Don't let men keep you in guilt and steal your money and life, because they will if you let them. This is what our Pastor had Victoria and I doing. He was taking 10% of what we made in our business,not our profit, then he told us if we pay double portions of our tithe we would receive a double portion. I mean how stupid can a person be? That was us.

Our next spiritual leader did the same thing to us by manipulating us and we coughed up $30,000 (which was my superannuation) and this went into his coffers. Sadly we were bitten by the same snake twice, being genuine can be a serious mistake for the weak. Victoria and myself will not make this same mistake again. We now look at the 2nd point of the word "FALSE"...... "made to imitate something in order to deceive." Both of our leaders handed us the same Scripture to put us in guilt and bring us under their teaching, which was that they were entitled to be supported - I Corinthians 9:1-14 with an emphasis on verse 14, So also the Master instituted that those announcing the Besorah SHOULD LIVE FROM THE BESORAH. This ludicrous behaviour brings people into guilt, to give their hard earned money. Paul said that this sort of behaviour was not for him and in that time there was no such thing as "A CHURCH." Tithes were paid on crops & produce, not with money, and since there was no temple there was no more tithe.

Another false doctrine floating around is from verse18, that you cannot charge someone to pay for a copy of the Scripture, it must be for free, this is twisted false teaching. The Besorah that Paul is speaking of is the oral - THIS IS WHAT YOU DO NOT CHARGE MONEY FOR. But a restored translation/transliteration copy of the Turah is quite alright to be paid for. Read the full chapter in and you will see that this is a false teaching from religion twisting words. Remember brothers be aware of what scripture is really saying in context and don't be deceived by false teachings.For they will take your lovely holiday from you.