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There is No Need for Religion.

Brothers and Sisters . . .

Here is a comment on a Brothers post:

"There's something every child of Abba Father needs to understand. Jews are not evil: those who don't know The Torah are the ones who get deceived by the ones who are claiming they're Jews, but not. Knowledge makes the difference, when you don't understand how to apply our faith in a given situation, we become skeptical, judgmental, afraid, and unbelieving. But once we understand how it works, the confusion is removed, the mystery is taken away. Be careful of those who are claiming they're Jews. They are known by their fruits. Shalom to all my wonderful family and friends".

Chris Hilton Responds:

Brother, I think you have the bull by the horns because the Besorah (good news) is going global and EVERY PERSON IS EVIL UNTIL THEY REPENT and are immersed into the Name of Yahusha Messiah - then they receive the Set-Apart Spirit. This is the only way to be delivered (saved) even for the Jews. All of mans religions are evil and NOW WE HAVE THE WAY OF DELIVERANCE THERE IS ACTUALLY NO NEED FOR RELIGION. Yahusha was not religious and He hates the mixture of traditions of men mixed with His Turah.

All you have to do to check this mixture is see if they do Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc (there are many more celebrations which are not written for us to do from the Turah, that man does). This is the religious mixture Yahuah hates, where they use these festivals to actually worship Him. This is how you can see religion (the mixture) and their abominable behaviour.

Brother celebrating Christmas (Saturnalia as it was called then) is why Israel was divorced and scattered into the nations. Israel has now worked her way back into the land again, bringing with her the feasts she refused to deny. Israel has always kept the Written Word (the Turah) for herself and that's one thing she has been faithful in doing, but she never spread the Besorah globally but instead she made up her own traditions (religion) about the writings and worshipped those instead. She closed the book (TURAH) so that no one could see the truth and this is the main point of religion's mystery ("Oh, that is a mystery" they say). Brother I hate to say it but religion is evil, even the one the Jews worship, but trouble is NOT MANY WANT TO ENTER THE REAL DOOR TO SALVATION (DELIVERANCE) BECAUSE THEY WANT THEIR RELIGION. This is the test for those who call themselves the Bride today. If they accept Yahusha they will be delivered, for without Him it will be impossible to enter eternal life.


By Chris Hilton . . .