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The Key to our Salvation.


Looking through the key hole of truth we learn that the name of Yahuah is "The Key of Knowledge." Any person can read the Turah but without the Set-Apart Spirit living within us, revealing to us the real meanings of these words, we will never come to the fullness of their meanings. Many people think that when they read the Turah that what they read, is what it means. This couldn't be further from the truth. Reading Turah without the Set -Apart Spirit is lifeless and boring and the true meanings are hidden from those who would peer into the mind of Yahuah.

Turah means instruction and we are instructed how to worship and communicate with the Father of Spirits. Turah is a book of tremendous spirituality and can only be understood through the Ruach ha 'Qodesh, which only by being immersed into the name of Yahusha Mashiak can give you His Spirit.

Yahusha, we are told in Turah is called "The Door," so by receiving Yahusha in our immersion we will be granted access to the Father and can enter that door, because Yahuah is the key of knowledge. THIS IS THE KEY TO OUR SALVATION.

BROTHERS & SISTERS if we do not have the correct names of the Father and Son, we will have no salvation at all. It is time we did something about where we stand.

Chris Hilton . . .