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HOLY: A Great Hindu Sun-Festival.

HOLY: A Great Hindu Sun-Festival

The Hebrew word qodesh and the equivalent Greek word hagios and their derivatives have been translated as holy, hallowed, or sanctified in older English versions, and in modern versions as sacred. Bible dictionaries state that the meaning of qodesh (as well as qadash) specifies "separation." Modern scholars use the words "set apart," "set-apart," and "apartness."

According to Dictionary of Mythology Folklore and Symbols, the following is stated about the word HOLY: In practically all languages, the word "holy" has been derived from the divinely honored sun. According to Encyclopedia of Religions, HOLI is the Great Hindu spring festival, held in honour of Krishna, as the spring sun-god. Strong's Concordance refers to "heile" (the sun's rays). This form is almost identical to the German and Dutch equivalent of the English "holy." The German and Dutch word is heilig, which is derived from Heil, the name of a Saxon idol.

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