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Yahusha is the ALEF-TAU

THE ALEF-TAU IS YAHUSHA'S IDENTITY MARK................ The WORD of Yahuah is one Person. He uses the first and last letters of the Hebrew alef-beth (alphabet) in specific locations throughout the TaNaK to identify Himself as the One that is speaking.

These two letters remain a mystery to translators, who generally ignore them and what they mean. Some believe they should be understood as part of the syntax of the sentences, operating as modifiers. These two letters are not “et”, but rather “at”: Alef-Tau.

The revelation of their meaning is provided at the beginning and ending of this book, called “Revelation”.

The take-away is, these letters represent Him.

These 2 letters are identity marks of the One speaking. All the time, it’s been Him, Who said He would be with us, and to be strong and courageous. He came to be formed in the likeness of a man. Be still, and know that He is Alahim.

From the BYNV Glossary . . .