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The Revolution Has Started.


TELL ME, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE 3 SCRIPTURES : 1). Matt 11:6 And blessed is he who does not stumble (get offended) in me. 2). Mark 12:31 And the second is this 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.' 3). Exodus 20:16 You do not bear false witness against your neighbour.

Two of these Scriptures are actually Commandments and words that we all know very well as truth (no surprises here). The trouble is when you take these words and put them together in a modern mindset as a trio, they blow the roof of every believer's conception of Turah. This is when the cover-up of their behaviour starts.

These Scriptures are the foundation of The 3 Rules, which are written below: 1). Don't take anything personally - (this is not hard to do) 2). Let them have it - (always think of others as greater than yourself). 3). Don't make excuses (Don't tell lies).

Can you see anything wrong with these 3 Rules that would be so very explosive?

I guess the proof is in the pudding and once you sit down and explain how to do the 3 Rules, this is where you see agitation come forth. Most people do not want to give up taking things personally or to put themselves aside and let others have it. They certainly do not want to stop making excuses, yet these Scriptures are right before them and they realise they are against Turah. Is it hard for you to guess what their behaviour towards you will be: "SHOOT THE MESSENGER."

We were so shocked when we found out just how powerful these 3 Rules were. So many people have abused us for bringing them to the fore. We didn't realise it at first but now we are happy for the abuse and we rejoice at the persecution, for it is Messiah and His word that was hated first. Many are working against the 3 Rules, but it is already too late because it is now global.

The Bomb of the Revolution of Righteous Behaviour has already dropped and the "Uranium of Truth," is being breathed in by those who want deliverance and eternity and the promised destruction of the cancer of their sins.

Remember that the 3 Rules are for us to apply inwardly to our own circumstances, producing an almost atomic reaction from others towards our new behaviour. If you adopt the 3 Rules, almost instantaneously you will see the Ruach rooting out the unclean behaviour in those around you, whoever they proclaim to be. Yahusha has dropped His bomb on us Brothers and Sisters. He is waiting for a response from us before He goes into the highways and byways to bid whoever -

. . . . or is He already in the streets?

By Chris Hilton . . .