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Is Your Home Affected by a Cult?



The dictionary gives us a simple understanding of what a cult actually is, but Strongs has no explanation.

cult: noun 1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object. "the cult of St Olaf" 2. a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society. "the series has become a bit of a cult in the UK" synonyms: craze, fashion, fad, vogue; "the series has become a bit of a cult in the UK" . . .

About 13 years ago we heard from our Pastor that the name of our Creator was not "God" but Yahweh, similarly the name of "Jesus Christ" was not the name of our saviour but Yeshua. We did research and decided to be immersed into those names with the information that was available at that time. I was a pastor in the Indonesian Pentecostal Church in Sydney (a big city), our head pastor was in agreeance up to this stage. He gave me a copy of The Scriptures ISR and another guy gave me a copy of Fossilised Customs. Upon reading these books I had a whole different understanding about Christianity and Church-Life. I spoke to the Pastor and he said the name Yahushua was the wrong name, but I went over and over the teaching and still came up with the research that was presented to us so far, as being correct. Those that were in agreeance with me from our church in the suburbs were all immersed into the name of Yahushua.

We broke away from Christianity and Church Authority, and more information came forth that explained that the name of Yahusha ha'Mashiak was correct and in actual fact the last word on the issue. This has been so for the last 12 years. Yahuah was also the correct name of the Father. Once again we were immersed in obedience and have been delivered from all the cultish things that were invading our home and life.

Since our new life free from bondage started about 12 years ago, we are still going through refinements of behaviour here and there but no where near as intense as it was in the beginning. Yahusha said "My sheep hear My voice", this means that once you are in Covenant we can hear the voice of Yahusha. Religion and the world say we need an authoritative mediator of experience to adjudicate what we have heard. This is very cultish behaviour. Yahusha has given us access to hear Him and freedom to be obedient.

Once a believer grabs hold of this truth they will be abused and hated. The church told us we were full of demons and hated us, this is how Yahusha teaches us. We can see by their behaviour. We came to Atherton to get away from city life and there were 5 families with us. We were doing the Shabath and the Feasts of Yisharal, plowing a field on the Tablelands. Other families joined us. When the test came on these people to actually be obedient they all scattered. Now they all hate us and there is only Mark and Victoria and myself. We are all happy within ourselves, but those around us that know the truth and who are disobedient, are having a hard time. There are all sorts of things people have said about us but we know we are safe and we keep listening to our dear Saviour.

By Chris Hilton . . .