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What is Transparent Behaviour?

Brothers and Sisters, regarding sincere and honest communication (how to behave), the word 'TRANSPARENT' came to my mind:

TRANSPARENCY: (noun) plural: transparencies.

1. Also, transparence. the quality or state of being transparent.

2. something transparent, especially a picture, design, or the like onglass or some

translucent substance, made visible by light shining through from behind.

3. Photography:

  1. the proportion of the light that is passed through the emulsion on an area of a photographic image.

  2. a photographic print on a clear base for viewing by transmitted light.

4. easily understandable; lucid: a translucent explication.

5. clear; transparent: translucent seawater.

Transparency is all about light. How much light permitted to shine through an object will determine how transparent it is. When we shift this explanation onto our behaviours and remember how we are to be a shining light in this darkened world, it becomes obvious that if we don't let Yahusha's light shine through our behaviour (because we are not transparent but instead hiding behind facades of secrets and lies) then we are hiding His light, His essence, His love, covering it and stifling His creative flow...

1 Kefa (Peter) 1:22 - "Now that you have cleansed your lives in obeying the truth through the Ruach to unfeigned (sincere) brotherly love, love one another FERVENTLY with a clean heart, having been begotten from above . . ."

Matt 5:37 - "But let your 'YES' be 'YES' and your 'NO' be 'NO' and what goes beyond this is from the wicked one".

Being transparent in this world does not mean opening up your heart to every single Tom, Dick and Harry and foolishly letting them have free reign. It is quite the opposite. Anyone who has ever given over their freedom and heart to another and watched them abuse it, drag it through the mud, stomp and spit on it and throw it away like garbage will know how much Yahusha desires His Bride to guard and protect His living dwelling on this earth (He lives in our hearts). Having said that, when His intoxicating love fills us and we want to share it with others in order to be obedient and receive more, just understand how much trouble it will cause. There will be a reaction and if we are foolish we will be ripped off because we are not facing the spiritual climate of EVERYONE around us. Are you willing to face the truth?

In a day where every interaction with another is a game with rules upon rules upon rules - to see who can be the winner, most dominant, and the one who will be chasing and the one who will be chased ..... communicating transparently will allow you to operate outside of this iconised childishness, BECAUSE IT IS TRUTH. Your heart belongs to Yahusha and notice the above text in Matt speaks of making excuses (lies). We are to say "YES" when we mean YES and "NO" when we mean NO. Don't confuse or complicate communication. That is why Behaviour Revolution has made this one of their rules.

Just as Yahusha walked among all the insanity of His day and no one could catch Him, or get Him..... you will cause this reaction amongst others if you KNOW YOURSELF, organise your life (especially your own mind), take the reigns of your faculties and behave in loving-kindness, SPEAKING THE TURAH-LANGUAGE OF LOVE (not stale, dead cliches) listening to the voice of your Bridegroom.

Have you faced that everyone around you will happily tell you a lie to get out of a situation, to not have to look at themselves or maybe just to remain mysterious ( is this behaviour really a mystery though....or so boring? ) The real mystery is people wondering if your kindness and honesty and lack of argumentativeness is just naive and stupid, or whether you are doing what you're doing on purpose? Can they trick you and manipulate you or have you already faced how everyone without the Ruach truly behaves and operates?


When we feel our lovely sweet feeling from Yahusha's favour slipping away we need to immediately stop what we're doing, check what we're thinking, doing or saying, repent, change, grab hold of Him as our anchor once again and keep moving forward. Always keep moving forward brothers and sisters. There will be those who want to receive the love that comes through you and those who will not.... remember Scripture says that a game (which is really just a lie as far as communication is concerned) has a very short life . . .

Brothers and Sisters face that you are a light in this world and that not many can love the way you do because they don't know the lover, our Master Bridegroom Yahusha (even if they think they know about Him) . . .

Stay strong, always wear your armor - its a war zone out there for your heart...

By Mark Davidson