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Ester - Behaviour of a Spotless Bride

Brothers & Sisters read the Book of Ester (it's only 10 chapters) . . .

Aside from the obvious historical account of events that most get wrapped up in, I found the standard of behaviour and appearance required for the women to please even this earthy king, most enlightening. Once again we are being shown what behaviour our Master and Bridegroom requires from His Bride. Just look at the laborious amount of time all the girls had to be trained in royal etiquette; how to walk, talk, smell, present themselves and behave in the presence of the King. Are we not all being trained for such a purpose, to make our wedding garments white, to be found worthy of our Bridegroom, to be married at the Wedding feast upon His soon return? Yes we’ve been washed legally clean by the blood of our Lamb Yahusha, but our obedient behaviour is like sweet smelling perfume to His nostrils and it's what makes our garments white, gets His attention and His favor, as we are trained and disciplined to overcome the evil of this world that is always at the doorway of our hearts like little foxes, trying to steal our fruit and make our behaviour unpleasant, to fill us with evil doubts, worries and concerns, causing us to take our eyes off Yahusha.

Ester, a symbol of a beautiful, spotless bride, passed the test, was found pleasing and worthy above all others in the Kingdom, and for this she became Sovereigness, and used to achieve great deliverance not only for Mordekai, but for Yahuah's people who had been scattered into Assyrian captivity for their idol worship (spiritual adultery).

Is your behaviour worthy of the bridegroom yet? Can your keep your behaviour together all day everyday, arrest your thoughts and face what comes at you in a day? This is the overcoming, the test, the race, to allow our vessels to be used and filled with the magnificent, intoxicating love of our Deliverer, so that our life (such as it is anyway) slowly dies and He lives through us. Remember all Scripture is a behaviour, and this is what we take out into the world with us everyday, a fresh, clean, different behaviour, this is the light, this is the true message (besorah) of deliverance - THIS IS THE REVOLUTION . . . and it's all about behaviour, nothing else.

Have a restful Shabath Brothers and Sisters . . .