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Day of Atonement.

How does someone with no religious affiliation observe the Day of Atonement, a solemn day of fasting and reflection?

We understand the shadows cast through the Scriptures; there was a scapegoat that would take on the uncleanliness of the whole nation and be banished outside the camp never to return. There was the sacrificing and shedding of innocent blood. There was the High Priest in the most Set-Apart place, offering the blood to atone for the nation once a year. What about the severity of that responsibility? If that man had any uncleanness in him or was found unworthy as he stepped into the most sacred part of the Tabernacle then he would be struck dead instantly (remember the little bells on his garment and the rope around his leg?). This shows us just how powerful, wholesome, clean, pure, and set-apart Yahusha really is and how He cannot be associated with or inside anyone of sinful or unclean behaviour.

This is why we only receive a tiny portion of His Ruach upon our immersion because we are still riddled with bad habits and behaviours and He gives us just enough to mix with our belief and start changing our lifestyle and habits from that of darkness (old man/disobedient) to light (new man/Turah-obedient). As we begin running our race, responding to His floggings and overcoming the worldly influences that manifests through our behaviour, Yahusha then starts giving us more and more of Himself (favour) because we have proven ourselves trustworthy and obedient. This is a daily battle, a fight to stay clear-headed, conscious and not succumbed to bitterness and hate, which the enemy desires to render us useless and dead.

So as with all Redemptive Feasts, we need observe them not just through the knowledge of the ancient shadow, but through eyes that are looking at the One Who casts the infinite shadow through time, who brings fulfilment and makes alive, every practise. What is the context and how does this feast affect our behaviour?

Yahusha is the scape-goat, He sacrificed His perfect, pure blood and bore the torment and uncleanliness of the whole world so that He could be re-connected with His creation once again. He came to earth in bodily form to be our deliverance and His only motivation was LOVE. This is the same person who still offers deliverance today - from every ailment, pestering, stronghold and unhappiness - Yahusha is alive and His Word is always uplifting and true to accomplish what He declares it too. He never fails, He’s always moving, sowing, training, flogging, disciplining and moving in a certain direction (if we would only quieten our minds, hear Him and follow) . . .

So as you come into this Day of Atonement, Yahusha is key, front and centre of all our worship (adoration/behaviour) and we eat no food or drink to remind us just how insatiable (never satisfied) our flesh is everyday and how much worldly desire still controls us and wants to consume our attention and life (instead of us keeping our eyes on Yahusha and trusting in Him for everything) .

It’s a High-Shabath, so rest, chillax, use the time and uncomfortableness of no food to quieten your mind and listen to His voice.

He wants to speak to you and for you respond - for you to know just how much He truly loves you and wants such close intimacy and passion with you. His sacrifice was a solemn occasion, filled with torture and unbelievable agony and stress that even He wrestled with going ahead with it - but He went there for the joy . . . . . and so should we . . . because we love Him and would do anything for Him . . .

Enjoy the Feast . . .