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Religion is a Filthy Smear.

The Scripture was written by various men who were given specific tasks to do by the Creator in the culture and time they lived in. Most of them never met, they lived hundreds of years apart and often in different parts of the world. However because the Spirit of the Master was guiding and teaching them, every single word they wrote makes crystal clear sense to any student who has been immersed in the Name of Yahusha, because that same Spirit of Yahusha is the only true interpreter, giving us the correct context to understand, an easy-to-connect, real relationship with the Master Himself and an audible voice which leads us and guides us, just as the writers of Scripture were, revealing to us the true nature of the only acceptable worship (behaviour) and a narrow pathway of redemption towards the ultimate prize, to all who will endure, survive, stand and overcome: DELIVERANCE.

The Scripture is a behavioural manual, because Yahusha is only interested in how we perform on this earth from day to day in the community He has placed us in. It is NOT a guide to correct fashion sense, taste in music, how and where to congregate, cultural trends or even lifestyle because all of these elements of life differ from nation to nation across the globe, and as we know, the whole world is drunk on the wine of the religious whore. The writers obviously went into detail about their own culture, clothes and lives because it was part of their story, showing us how the Creator spoke to them and the results of obedience and disobedience (blessings and curses). However if we merely glean from the ink on the page, ways to dress, fashion accessories, hair and beard trends, social gatherings, culinary techniques, musical instruments, entertainment dos and don’ts, then we have not understood the true message that the Scripture was written for in the first place: how to be delivered, set-free from evil and living in a loving relationship with Yahusha - in whatever nation or culture you have been immersed in.

Why do we naturally look to the shallow, outward, natural ideas first? One word: RELIGION - all of them. Religion is an unclean smear on the heart of humanity, forcing our attention in a certain direction, while it’s wickedness broods behind the scenes of every culture and festival, keeping us all numb, dull, controlled and asleep to our own miserable existence (calling it normal) and the doorway to deliverance through an amazing, wonderful man, Yahusha our Messiah. The enemy haShatan and his numerous religions across the globe have kept Yahusha secret, hidden His Name (power), His message of love to us and how He expects us to serve and worship Him (behaviour) if we want to be His Bride.

That is why He calls us out: “Come our of her my people, lest you share in her plagues”…. as mesmerising and shiny and wealthy and entertaining as all the religious systems seem to the naked eye, THEY WILL ALL SOON CRUMBLE because Yahusha Himself said so. Anyone not sealed with the Name of Yahusha on their forehead (there is only one Name that delivers us) will be plagued, diseased, wiped out or burnt up completely and destroyed. Why won’t religion tell the people this truth? Because it is an unclean entity used by hashatan to lead humanity to destruction. And even the secular who apparently hate and renounce religion - unaware that the very fabric of every society, practice, festival, culture is infected with the spores of religion - they too will be destroyed (there is no such thing as a normal-life outside of religion). The only way out is to be immersed and engrafted into a completely different commonwealth and separated from the former way of life, serving fleshly behaviours.

Scripture teaches us how to overcome the evil of this world, listen to the voice of Yahusha and through His strength, start practising and adopting obedient behaviour that pleases Him - that is why we are given the Scriptures, to receive the true power that comes from His Word, a power and influence that intimidates and terrifies every force of evil so much, that it has become the greatest conspiracy and secret of all time, and just like any other unproved, unvalidated theory (like evolution, the big bang, or a flat earth) religion too is just a crazy concept, a system of cruel slavery which we have ALL been born into. Isn’t it time you came out of it and discovered Who Yahusha really is?

By Mark Davidson