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The Behaviour of Anger.

ANGER: noun - a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. "the colonel's anger at his daughter's disobedience" synonyms: annoyance, vexation, exasperation, crossness, irritation, irritability, indignation, pique, displeasure, resentment (antonyms: pleasure, good humour) TITUS 1:7 "FOR AN OVERSEER HAS TO BE UNREPROVABLE, AS A MANAGING ONE OF YAHUAH, NOT SELF-PLEASING, NOT ANGRY, NOT GIVEN TO WINE, NO BRAWLER, NOT GREEDY FOR FILTHY GAIN, 8BUT KIND TO STRANGERS, A LOVER OF WHAT IS GOOD, SENSIBLE, RIGHTEOUS, SET-APART, SELF-CONTROLLED, 9CLINGING TO THE TRUSTWORTHY WORD, ACCORDING TO THE TEACHING, IN ORDER TO BE ABLE BOTH TO ENCOURAGE BY SOUND TEACHING, AND TO REPROVE THOSE WHO OPPOSE IT...." IN THE HEBREW UNDERSTANDING, ""ANGER"" CAN RANGE FROM A SLIGHT ANNOYANCE OR INCONVENIENCE, RIGHT THROUGH TO THE 'FIRE FROM THE NOSTRILS' KIND OF RAGE, THAT TEETH-GRATING, ROARING INDIGNATION WE'VE ALL LET OURSELVES SINK TO IN OUR IMMATURITY... EPHESIAN 4:25 "THEREFORE, HAVING PUT OFF THE FALSE, SPEAK TRUTH, EACH ONE WITH HIS NEIGHBOUR, FOR WE ARE FAMILY MEMBERS OF ONE ANOTHER. 26“BE ANGRY BUT DO NOT SIN.” DO NOT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOUR RAGE, 27NOR GIVE PLACE TO THE DEVIL". There is clearly such a fine line between being angry and sinning, in letting your mind and behaviour go to the place of showing anger....... but not sinning. My question is `why even bother, why do it to yourself? Who does your anger, your opinions, your frustrations and your judgements (that's another topic) really effect (other than making your behaviour hideous to be around and spoiling your day)? What does you being angry really change? WE'VE BEEN TOLD THAT WE'RE ALLOWED TO HAVE 'RIGHTEOUS' ANGER (i.e. being angry at what Yahusha's angry at), but in today's 'Sodom and Gomorra' ('as in the days of Noak') society of violence and constant depravity ('the thoughts in their hearts are wicked constantly') - in a world that is soon to be judged with fire - TELL ME WHAT YOU GOING OUT WITH CHEST INFLATED AND INDIGNATION IN YOUR NOSTRILS ABOUT ANY TOPIC OR BEHAVIOUR IS GOING TO DO? - HOW POWERFUL DO YOU THINK YOUR ANGER REALLY IS? . . . 'righteous anger' (self-righteous) is just another excuse for religious people to behaviour how they like. It's not even worth being angry at unclean spirits anymore, they're not gunna change or stop - JUST IGNORE THEM!! Listening to angry thoughts changes our behaviour, feeding our narcissistic side (the old self-centred man that must die in every one of us, the voices that tell us we don't deserve to be treated that way, we should be respected, we should be obeyed, we have rights, we are important - THE OPPOSITE OF LOVING AND SUFFERING) and more often than not these UNCLEAN thoughts lead to judgments of others, complaints and rage. Then we are disciplined by Yahusha for giving ourselves the right to go to this place of thought and behaviour - because we don't have that right. WE ARE TO SUFFER, BE THE LEAST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE ROOM, HUMBLE, KIND, NOT LOUD OR BRAWLING, OR DRUNK, BUT SENSIBLE, ABLE TO "ENCOURAGE BY SOUND TEACHING, AND TO REPROVE THOSE WHO OPPOSE IT" . . . As the Creator Himself (in the flesh) YAHUSHA UNDERSTOOD THE POWER OF BEHAVIOUR. We know that He hates evil and lawlessness and destroyed thousands for it throughout the Scriptures - He doesn't change BUT HIS BEHAVIOUR WHILE ON THIS EARTH WAS NOT A CONSTANT DISPLAY OF HIS ANGER FOR EVIL. WE WAS COMPASSIONATE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE HUMAN CONDITION AND WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HIS CREATION. He did not come to hate or judge but to deliver and heal and love -infact there are not many accounts of Him showing anger at all while He walked among us. His behaviour was long-suffering, gentle and kind, but still able to SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH when needed and make a point. His Words were so much more effective (to those chosen) BECAUSE OF THE WAY HE TREATED THEM, SUFFERED THEM, RESPECTED THEM. There was a softness in His voice and a sweetness in His eyes that fixated His followers, causing them to want to follow Him wherever He went, even to their deaths. HE FOUGHT THE EVIL BY IGNORING IT AND DOING THE OPPOSITE!! THE SOFTNESS OF YAHUSHA'S LOVE IS AVAILABLE TO ALL OF US - WE'VE ALL FELT IT - WE ALL KNOW IT, IT'S AMAZING, IT'S INTOXICATING, IT'S THE GREATEST FEELING ONE COULD EVER KNOW OR EXPERIENCE - IT'S THE PASSIONATE LOVE OF THE BRIDEGROOM FOR HIS BRIDE, HIS MOST TREASURED POSSESSION. But we let go of Him when we let unclean alien thoughts into our vessels - quenching our softness and stealing our personalities, making our behaviour weird and hostile to those around us so that we have no joy, no peace, no real pleasure in anything, no sense of humour and no sweetness in our eyes for anyone. Brothers and Sisters it's time we all train our minds to ignore the pestering aliens who want us constantly angry and listen to our Master's uplifting and true Voice and leave the judgments and wrath of this world to Him - drop our rights and who we think we are and what we think of our own opinions - it's time to iron out the conflicts - TO SUFFER WITHOUT COMPLAINT OR OUTBREAK - TO GET OVER OUR ANGER AND KILL IT. There's only one man who has the right to be angry - He died for us so we could know His mind and be delivered - and I don't want Him angry at me! By Mark Davidson