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Invisible Intruders.

Every single person on this earth travels with a dark passenger, with invisible intruders HISSING AND WHISPERING in their ears all day everyday. These fallen spirit entities are EVIL. They are everywhere - they are organised, militant, ruthless, perverse, cruel pestering liars, so jealous that we humans were given fleshly bodies to live out our selfish carnal desires (if we choose) and they cannot. All they can do is live through us. They hate us and they are scared petrified of their soon fate in the lake of fire and seek to take as much of humanity with them as possible. Listening to these creatures causes mental illness, disgusting behaviours, insane lifestyle choices, dirty habits, severe depression and anxiety, hopelessness and suicide. We can see it all around us - everyone is getting crazier everyday - the medications are getting prescribed stronger to numb the pain and hide the symptoms of this decaying condition. We all believe that WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO THINK OUR OWN THOUGHTS and that what we hear in our head is us. And we are constantly devastated that we could even entertain such cruelty or aggression or filth. This is the sole purpose of these dirty principalities - to keep you ignorant of their existence - so you believe that what you hear is you (they talk in the 1st person “I this, I that, I want, I feel, I don’t like ……”) They want you to fight with people, judge people, hate people, have violent hatred for people, be disappointed, shocked, overwhelmed, devastated - and a whole array of other feelings and opinions to keep you a slave to your carnal emotions. THIS IS EVIL……People need music to sleep, T.V to stay happy and constant background noise to drown out the barrage of thoughts that plague them wherever they go. Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Racing and Raving to resist facing the train-wreck of broken promises and hearts, to numb the regrets and depraved choices. To rest. But THERE IS NO REST OUTSIDE YAHUSHA and no peace. It doesn’t even exist ! There was a time, right after my wife of 15 years broke her covenant with me and Yahusha, that the only way I could sleep, or get up in the morning, show up to work everyday with a smile and continue with my daily routines and not let the darkness consume me - was to actually say the words ‘I LOVE YOU YAHUSHA’ over and over again in my head (I even started singing it) - because I knew that it is the only Name that the unclean spirits fear and they would leave me alone and I would find relief. Those moments when everyone has gone and you are laying there alone, depressed, fending off all the negative thoughts. Those times when you feel like a giant radio of agonising voices has been turned on at maximum volume inside your head to drive you mad. That was a pretty dark period for me, and my deliverance and `stay in there’ power came from Yahusha’s Name. He calmed me down, gave me patience, strengthened me - literally took hold of my hand and carried me through that shadowy valley. YAHUSHA’S NAME BEARS A LOT OF WEIGHT IN THE SPIRIT REALM - It is the only way we can find DELIVERANCE. Despite certain amounts of truth from the Word, I never felt this power under the banner of `Jesus' or any other variation of the Name. EPH 6:10 “For the rest, my brothers, be strong in the Master and in the mightiness of His strength. 11 Put on the complete armour of Yahuah, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12Because WE DO NOT WRESTLE AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST AUTHORITIES, AGAINST THE WORLD-RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS AGE, AGAINST RUACH-LIKE ENTITIES OF WICKEDNESS IN THE HEAVENLIES. [demonic forces] . . .” We are in battle daily and we need to use Yahusha’s Name - it literally means “Yahuah is my Deliverance”. When His love and peace breathes into us it soothes us, allows us to rest until the next attack. Obeying His Words trains us and strengthens our character - builds endurance and establishes our relationship. YAHUSHA'S VOICE IS ALWAYS UPLIFTING AND TRUE TO GIVE US HOPE AND PEACE AND LIFE AND FUTURE… THIS INTOXICATING POWER OF PURE LOVE IS WHAT GENERATIONS OF LOST, BROKEN PEOPLE ARE CRYING OUT FOR, BUT IF WE DON’T RECOGNISE THAT THEY ARE ALL CONTROLLED BY THESE WICKED INVISIBLE INTRUDERS THEN WE TOO ARE TRICKED, CAUGHT UP IN JUDGEMENTS AND EMOTIONS, BEING HOSTILE TOWARDS THEM, TAKING THEIR BEHAVIOURS PERSONALLY AND UNABLE TO SERVE YAHUSHA AS HE WAKES PEOPLE UP TO HIS RADIANT DELIVERANCE. Don’t be fooled - evil is everywhere - they won’t stop, but by the power of Yahusha’s Name we can ignore their wicked audio-commentaries of our lives and live out our own clean, happy stories with Yahusha . . . By Mark Davidson . . .