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Ya'aqob was never called Israel.

YaAQOB WAS NEVER CALLED ISRAEL ......... The newer translations are revealing many things to Yahusha's bride. Look at this text- Genesis 32:28: "AND HE SAID, YOUR NAME IS NO LONGER CALLED YaAQOB BUT "YISHARAL," BECAUSE YOU HAVE STRIVEN WITH ALAHIM AND MEN, YOU HAVE OVERCOME". The mistranslation of calling 'the nation of Israel', 'The Bride of Yahusha', instead of understanding that Yisharal are those who are hidden in the 4 corners of the earth (not understanding the Turah here), is a huge mistake. The nation of Israel today is a political religion of total confusion, simply because most of their sects do not receive Yahusha as Messiah and Deliverer. We know that Yahusha is the door into the Commonwealth of Yisharal and people who do not understand this are playing at religion and do not possess the Ruach ha 'Qodesh. Never fear for there is still hope, Turah says many that are out in the scattering will see the truth and return to Yahusha as Yisharal. They will remain in their hiding place until Yahusha appears at His 2nd coming. Yisharal will definitely not return to the political religion and nation of Israel. We need to understand that right from the beginning Yahusha called His Bride (people) "YISHARAL," long before the nation of Israel ever existed. Religious interpreters of the flesh and not the spirit are the problem, this is the greatest rip off in history that we need not swallow.

By Christopher Hilton.