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You Do Not Covet.

THE 10th COMMAND ............... “YOU DO NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S WIFE, HOUSE, FIELD, SERVANTS, ANIMALS, OR ANYTHING BELONGING TO YOUR NEIGHBOUR”. This is pretty self explanatory and speaking quite frankly, to ignore this command in our lives as non existent, is actually "INSANE." This is the word "INSANE," from the HEBREW. Result of search for "insane": 3856 lahahh law-hah' a primitive root meaning properly, to burn, i.e. (by implication) to be rabid (figuratively, insane); also (from the exhaustion of frenzy) to languish:--faint, mad.Look up these words & it will explain exactly what coveting someones goods will do to you. Most of society are medicated from their local G.P. Some self medicate with drugs, alcohol and pills, to subdue their manifestations and strange behaviours (which obviously does not work). Then we have the "army priesthood" of psychologists and psychiatrists working through every part of the work force, as well as all religions, always diagnosing and medicating people and children. ALL THE PRIESTHOODS INCLUDING ALL THE PSYCHS DO NOT BELIEVE IN UNCLEAN SPIRITS OR DEMONS PLAGUING THEIR COMMUNITIES AND MAKING DEVIATES OF THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. These new leaders of society are against the commands of Yahuah. They spread confusion and lies about the truth! Through the power of the Ruach ha 'Qodesh man can be delivered from the insanity he is trapped in. The name of Yahusha is the only name given to Man whereby he can be delivered. Everyone who came to Yahusha was delivered from every ailment, sickness or demonic possession. This world is the same now as it was then - Madness from demonic frustrations is destroying families. If we won't repent and turn to Yahusha we will all be slaughtered. Remember.... living with Yahusha is amazing.

By Christopher Hilton