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The Joy of Yahusha & His Bride.

THE JOY OF YAHUSHA & HIS BRIDE The Feast of Sukkoth (Booths) is all about Yahusha and His Bride finally coming together in the Marriage Home (Sukkah) - the ultimate completion, fulfillment and purpose of Creation . . . The idea of “temporary dwellings/vessels” (Booths) during this final Redemptive Feast (aside from Yisharal in the wilderness) points us to Yahusha Who emptied Himself of all universal power and humbled Himself completely into the form of a man, to dwell (booth) among us and deliver His Bride from the clutches of the enemy and his religious freaks. . . The Feast of Sukkoth represents the birth (1st Day) and circumcision (8th Day) of Yahusha and speaks of the cutting away and separating of the flesh, which Yahusha performs legally on our hearts at our immersion (writing the Covenant/Commandments) - and literally/physically day after day as the Bride overcomes the world in her and is agonizingly severed from all temporary enticements, attachments, bad habits and evil behaviours that still soil her Wedding Garment/Temporary Vessel . . . The last day of Sukkoth/Booths is called the “Joy of Turah” because it is the completion and final stage of perfection for Yahusha’s Bride, who is lifted into the air above the flames and transformed in the twinkling of an eye to be clothed with immortality just like her groom. The special intimacy and relationship that was formed in the Garden of Eden, sabotaged by the enemy and ruined by Adam and Kuah’s disobedience to the requirements/instructions (Turah) . . . is finally restored as a good, clean, perfect, redeemed and restored Bride is presented to Yahusha, a Bride who has walked through all sorts of deathly shadow valleys and torture in her temporary dwelling to prove her love for Yahusha and has chosen to be flogged, disciplined, rebuked and chastised to bear the right behaviours in her vessel. All Scripture texts instructing Yisharal to dwell in Booths and blow horns etc..... are to be understood through the Ruach in the context of the fruit harvest culture and not to be taken literally - anyone with Yahusha inside them is literally being trained out of the darkness of the shadows into the reality and light of the training preparation of the Bride . . . outward practices that might seem helpful to the Bride initially soon fall away as her gaze becomes tighter and tighter locked on the face of her groom, and the true depth of meaning within each Feast is revealed personally to her heart. This final Feast truly has its significance in the Bride knowing that she has been wooed and drawn by Yahusha and has had a life changing encounter with Him that has left her forever overwhelmed with the intoxication of His love and changed by the amazing power of His Ruach/Shared Essence within her. She understands that she is now the only temple/dwelling place of His Name, His Covenant and His power (His Shekinah) . . . and she has a huge responsibility to behave accordingly, to make her Wedding Garments Clean, to remove all the spots and wrinkles in her lifestyle and behaviour in order to be truly obedient, in love and to please her groom. This final week of Booths speaks of the Creative/Redemptive Weeks and the final Shabath Day (1000 years) of rest from the Dragon/Enemy and his pestering fallen spirits - A DAY OF SO MUCH LOVE AND JOY AS YAHUSHA’S BRIDE IS MARRIED TO HER GROOM AND ENTERS/BECOMES THE NEW YERUSHALAYIM - all lively stones fitted together to form this city, this eternal dwelling, this body which Yahusha shall possess and inhabit forever as the Marriage Home . . . Yes!! Sukkoth is all about that desperation, desire and hope of expectation TO GO HOME, and recognizing day after day THAT WE AIN’T HOME YET HONEY!! . . . that everything around us, all the shiny, beautiful homes and cars and fashions and holidays and nature and everything in this earth . . . SHALL BE BURNED WITH UNCONTROLLABLE FIRE as Yahusha cleanses and restores the Marriage Home for His chosen Bride . . . This is the Feast of Booths, This is the Redemption of the Bride, This is the true context of the Appointed Time . . . Look to the skies for your deliverance has come!! . . . and you thought it was all about cutting down trees and blowing horns 😀 😀 😀

This text in Lev23 is the main source of instruction for how to observe the Feast of Sukkoth. The previous chapters are full of people making various types of grain offerings, sin offerings, drink offerings, instruction about animals and crops and finally the 7 Harvest Shabaths which are to be set-apart days of rest. This is all agricultural talk for a farming people. If we don’t read these texts through the correct context of Yahusha’s Ruach of truth inside us, what religious, freakish hullabaloo will we end up doing? We will end up following empty Messiah-less practices like our older brother the Jewish people, and (just as they did the first time) completely miss Yahusha and the incredible encounter everyone around Him had. Shadows are to point us to the person!! Every Feast is about this person!! When this person is inside you, the shadows (while helpful) become 2nd-tier to the daily experience and encounter with Him ( think of the ride His followers had when they walked with Him ). . . Yahusha is still alive and real to His Bride in the same way today !!

By Mark Davidson