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Prayer & Meditation

I just spent the last weekend in Sydney with my 6 children and my parents and had a lovely time loving them. Sunday morning the kids and I were walking through an outdoor esplanade in Parramatta and there were some old asian ladies standing very still doing their TaiChi prayers and meditation on the grass and of course my kids wanted to know what that was all about. I explained to them that they are trying to be spiritual and connect with their god and they’ve been told that by doing these strange poses they will feel peace and happiness. They thought this was stupid and I explained that (while true), everyone is searching for the higher power, and a deeper love and fulfillment in their life. Mikah asked me why we didn’t have to do any of that (ie praying out loud etc) and I said “I don’t need to try to connect with Yahusha because He lives inside me and talks to me all the time. I’ve found my Creator and no longer need to search and study and meditate my way to fulfillment”. My children all use Snapchat and send me messages all the time while we’re apart. I told them to imagine us all sitting there together on our phones snap-chatting this weekend, staring into our screens trying to connect and have love even though we’re actually all together in the same room ignoring each other. How insane would that be? They agreed and I told them this is what everyone goes to church for - trying to connect and sing and pray and fellowship and read scripture and be taught by men - searching for fulfillment and happiness when the whole time Yahusha is right here with arms wide open ready to fill anyone who wants Him with His amazing spirit of love, connect them to Him for eternity, answer all their questions and mysteries, lead them, teach them and prepare them for His soon return. There’s a huge difference between reading Yahusha’s Turah (instructions) out of love for Him, wanting to know His mind and desire more and more - to reading out of routine and looking for Him, but never connecting because you’ve been told you can come to Him in ANY name, behave ANYWAY and celebrate Him as YOU please because some nails and a “cross” apparently changed everything. I was reminded this weekend by looking at the bookshelves of the home I grew up in, just how much reading there used to be in ‘church-life’...... commentaries and self-helps and expositions of scripture, books for praying, for prophesying, for healing, for music, searching searching searching for happiness and peace and fulfillment and my insides just wanna jump for joy like a big Iron gate has released me from a prison cell into neverending fields of flowers and beauty as far as the eye can see. Set free from such a depressing life of labor and torment. Given a real life!! True deliverance is only found in one man and He only has one Name, a name all demons fear and want to keep hidden and unimportant: YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAK. If you didn’t know Him like this and are hungry for connection with your Creator then come to the waters of repentance and immersion today. Seek Him and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the doorway of true deliverance will be open to you. His commands of love and alive and true - He never changes and neither do His desires or plans for His Bride.... ‘Prayer’ is just a running internal dialogue between you and Yahusha, nothing more. Anyone can do it and do it without ceasing (as commanded) if they want Him and choose Him😁 By Mark Davidson