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W on the WWW.


So Google just told me that the World Wide Web is 30 years old today and it got me thinking that we certainly live in a different era to the first followers of Yahusha and I wonder if they would have behaved any differently if they had the www. at their fingertips? What would they have done without the need to physically leave their location to spread the true message of Yahusha? How would they behave online? Would they go online having just walked with the Master? Would they settle down with a family, live a quiet life, mind their business and wait for Yahusha to stir up His message in the people's hearts around them? How would their behaviour be as passionate and driven as we know it was, yet still remain incognito as they blend into society and not want to bring shame or make mockery of the message of deliverance (which we know is only for a chosen few who are called)? If the emissaries walked among us today (and we know that one of them still is), then HOW WOULD THEY BE YAHUSHA'S WITNESSES in these last violent, depraved days of Sodom&Gomorra darkness that surrounds us, where just a single wrong look or word could get you knifed and murdered?

Would they interpret and behave (through the Ruach) all the ancient Scriptures differently? Would the words they spoke take a back seat to the love and kindness and gentle, compassionate understanding they gave to those around them? If we were reading the letters from James and John and Paul and Peter, to us today on the WWW instead of in thick books, would the Apostles have different words to say to us about the current world we live in? Or would they still stick to the old script of what's writ?

How would these men have felt about the 3 Rules and the Behaviour Revolution? Would they accused it of being evil, adding to the Living Words, or a stumbling block to those who want to witness to the world? Or would they find them truly inspired, cunning, intelligent and an effective way to not only allow Yahusha to manifest a softness, concern and care for those around us, but also train us to overcome the selfishness of self and sin?

If a person can WITNESS the love of Yahusha to the whole world in the time it takes to push a button, then what are we to do with our lives on this earth, in our homes, our businesses, our communities? HOW DO WE MAKE EMISSARIES if no one around us is interested? Should we label our homes, cars, clothes, businesses etc with Yahusha paraphenalia, beat people over the head with the Besorah, stalk conversations for an opening to Name-drop Yahusha and shove it down their throats?

Is Yahusha doing something very fresh, different and completely stunning in these last days with His Bride, or is it just what's written in the Scripture and nothing else??

Should the Scriptures be read and understood differently in the modern context of today's world? Do we use the same tactics to catch a fish as they did 2000 years ago?

By Mark Davidson