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Yahusha is Alive

As we watch the wonderful videos Mark Davidson is making of his version of Turah today, he points out the fact that the only solution for deliverance from sin was a blood covenant sacrifice. Right from the murder of Abel to the sacrifice of Yahusha, they were all blood sacrifice covenants and Yahusha's was the last covenant made eternal 2000 years ago.

Turah tells us the death of Yahusha was the last sacrifice for the remission of sin (no more animal sacrifices) and that His blood only would cleanse any and all sin from us. Only through the Name of Yahusha Mashiak could we be cleansed. Yahusha entered shamayim as a lamb slain and His blood was sprinkled to cleanse shamayim.

Rev 5:6 “And I looked and saw in the midst of the throne and of the 4 living creatures, and in the midst of the elders a lamb standing, as having been slain, having 7 horns and 7 eyes, which are the seven winds of Yahuah sent out into all the arets”.

This text tells us that the lamb is Yahusha, and the lamb standing in the centre of the throne takes the place of Yahuah. Therefore we know that Yahuah is actually Yahusha and that there is no deliverance (since Yahusha left this earth) through any other name than Yahusha Mashiak. We see this through the imagery of the apostle John's descriptive writings.

Every person that has ever lived and died is waiting asleep for one the 2 resurrections. Those on earth now are in the valley of decision to accept Yahusha's gift of deliverance or not. The first resurrection is the Bride, her wedding feast, and 1000 years of peace on earth. The second resurrection is the Great White Throne of Judgement of Destruction, where everyone will be judged according to their behaviour on earth.

Yahusha has everything in order, He is on time, everything is as He said it would be in these days. If you have made your choice, been immersed into Yahusha Mashiak, filled with His spirit, and have the sign of the shabath, you are on track. BLESSINGS & LOVE TO ALL WHO HAVE MADE THE DECISION.