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Result of search for "meek": 6035 `anav aw-nawv' or (by intermixture with 6041) Aanayv {aw-nawv'}; from 6031; depressed (figuratively), in mind (gentle) or circumstances (needy, especially saintly):--humble, lowly, meek, poor. Compare 6041. 6041 `aniy aw-nee' from 6031; depressed, in mind or circumstances (practically the same as 6035, although the margin constantly disputes this, making 6035subjective and 6041 objective):--afflicted, humble, lowly, needy, poor.


(1PETER 5:1-5) 1. Therefore as a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Messiah, and also a sharer of the esteem that is to be revealed, I appeal to the elders among you:

2. Shepard the flock of Alahim which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but voluntarily, not out of greed for filthy gain, ,but eagerly,

3. neither as being masters over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock.

4. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you shall receive the never- fading crown of esteem.

5. In the same way, you younger ones, be subject to elders. And gird yourself with humility towards one another, for "Alahim resists the proud, but gives favour to the humble."

How do you use compulsion on someone? Verse 2 speaks of compulsion.

If someone uses compulsion in order to get you to do something, they force you to do it, for example by threatening to punish you if you do not do it. Students learn more when they were in class out of choice, rather than compulsion.

A true shepherd serves as an overseer (a person who supervises others especially workers), not by compulsion but voluntarily, not out of greed for filthy gain, but eagerly. The shepherd never masters himself over those entrusted to him, but is an example to the flock. The shepherd cunningly weaves his lifestyle and family disciplines into the flock, as he teaches Turah lifestyle. Obviously a shepherd is to be of meek character and able to communicate and teach the new initiates, of the flock of Alahim. In the same way younger ones be subject to elders, and gird yourselves with humility towards one another, for Alahim resists the proud and gives favour to the humble.

This is how we don't have religion involved with their never-ending ministries. The true shepherd ministers to the flock of Alahim for a time, till they grow to maturity and are free to minister the good news themselves, where the shepherd is no longer needed, until called again. Learning the Turah lifestyle does not take forever, so those religious church folk gathering for years and years, needing ministry about the least little absurdities, are swallowed up in strife. This is not the true ministry of the shepherd but a compulsion. A believer needs to be humble because Alahim resists the proud.