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When Israel was delivered from Egypt by Yahuah, He had a mammoth task in the changing of 3,000,000 peoples mindsets, from idolatry to the understanding that there is just one Alahim. Yahuah set up the tabernacle with the new mindset and behaviour of the ten commands and instructions of worship.

The new mindset and worship was to be practiced until they were instilled within His people. Israel was riddled with idolatrous behaviour and needed to be cleansed from this bondage. It was an impossible task from the beginning. Even though Israel knew Yahuah's power and could see His marvellous works ''THEY STILL BELIEVED THERE WERE OTHER DEITIES THAT WERE ALIVE." But Yahuah had a plan.

All nations believed their deities/Gods, were as alive as Yahuah was, and Israel would not give this mindset up. Even though Israel was going through the motions of Turah and instructions of worship, they would just not cross over the barrier and accept Yahuah, as the only alive and living Alahim. You can well imagine the confusion this would cause - which is the same as today.

At any rate Yahuah had a plan, in the over 40 years of desert wanderings, there were only 2 men who made it into the promised land. The rest of the original Israelites were destroyed, except for their children, who accepted Yahuah as the only living Alahim. But as Moses told them "YOU WILL FALL BACK INTO IDOLATRY AND LOOSE THE PRESENCE OF YAHUAH," which happened because they mixed idolatrous worship with the Turah.

Yahusha appeared 400 hundred years after Israel's return from the Babylonian captivity and opened for those that believed He was the only Alahim, a Portal to Shamayim (where He is). We may love, communicate, and experience a life of peace and joy, by having our hearts circumcised and cleansed for His indwelling of our Temple [the body]. The promise of eternal life is something not to be sniggered at, and is completely overwhelming while miraculous. Yahusha is looking for those last ones who will accept Him as the only Alahim fit for worship. Every idolatrous image is man made, there is only one Master of creation Yahusha Messiah.

Satan is alive, he hates every part of this creation and the Turah, Satan wants to destroy the creation, that means you.There is only one deliverer from this unclean world, who is not a fake Messiah, that is Yahusha the only true Alahim.