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Yahusha said… follow me …

so where did He go?

As we follow Him through the Feasts of Israel, we realise everything in the Feasts and the Tabernacle (every single Priestly item and function) points us to the Behaviour Yahusha expects from us. We are told that YAHUAH MORPHED INTO YAHUSHA (like a metamorphosis) and became a New Being, a new Alahim, as Yahusha, which was announced at Mary’s conception. So Yahusha became the New Alahim and Yahuah is no more.

There is no way we can move through the feasts and fulfil them as He did unless we accept this fact… YAHUSHA ALONE IS OUR NEW ALAHIM! So without this reality, there is no way we can receive the Spirit of Yahusha at immersion, and come into the fire-immersion of Pentecost. The fire ignites the seed of cocooning, so we can move onto Tabernacles, rejoicing the acknowledgment of Yahusha within in anticipation of His coming.

It’s a great celebration!

From here, the celebration of His love within BUSTS FORTH THE INCORRUPTIBLE SEED OF TRANSFORMATION where we grow in His love. The caterpillar usually forms its cocoon on a branch, and of course that BRANCH AND THE ROOT IS YAHUSHA!

So travelling through the feasts, acknowledging that Yahuah morphed into Yahusha is the grounding for our metamorphosis (that is our cocooning) .. as the caterpillar does it in open sight, so do we IN THE SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE OF YAHUSHA IN OUR FELLOWSHIP. This is our cocooning, in safety ON THE BRANCH ... where our metamorphis begins. Yahusha says “behold I make all things new”. … Within the cocoon (fellowship) !

In The transformation of our cocoon, through our behaviour in the fellowship, He is creating THE NEW SONS OF ALAHIM. The promised metamorphosis of us becoming the new immortal being of Yahusha… sons and daughters of the living Alahim, only functions within an Assembly/Fellowship. It’s the supernatural (out of this world) reign of Yahusha. This change can only happen in His presence and through Him.

It is not religion or man-made in any way shape or form… but supernatural. If the initiate or applicant is not genuine, their metamorphosis will be incomplete. They won’t be able to fertilise or pollinate (as the butterfly does) or create new life (more applicants). Instead, as Yahusha said, at maturity they won’t bend over with the weight of the fruit (like the wheat), they are weeds standing straight in their arrogance, (an obvious separation in the harvest) creating a distinguishing factor between fruit baring wheat and non-bearing fruit, weeds.. they are an incomplete transformation, planted by Satan as weeds.

These are the disobedient carpetbaggers, the unwise virgins planted in amongst the wise. They are found oil-less at the culmination of Tabernacles and from this point is where we have the separation of foolish and wise as the bridegroom approaches. They manifest through their behaviour.

The completion of the metamorphosis for the wise happens in the homes and fellowship, where the reapers find them celebrating at His coming.

So in summary, we find a completed metamorphosis, beings ready to be changed in the twinkling of an eye. .. newly formed Eternal Beings. Here we have the process of the New Covenant. It is not mandatory but our choice to surrender to our New Alahim's offer of deliverance and change.

We ask that Yahusha bless you all with this supernatural knowledge!