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Did you know that having Unleavened Bread at Passover is a Jewish Shadowy Tradition that misses the fulfilment of Yahusha's sacrifice. So it doesn't matter whether we have leavened bread at Passover or not, the Jews are missing the point that Yahusha fulfilled all these Shadowy Traditions, which takes us out of bondage to religion. Yahusha died to set us free and if we mix our pure worship with man-made traditions, we are not free but in bondage.

The Passover Feast has been fulfilled in every way, so why would we mix our pure worship with Fake Traditions of men. We are not worshiping Bread and Wine but Yahusha Himself. We just get together have a great meal and celebrate Him by loving each other. There are no Shadowy Fake man-made Traditions involved in pure loving adoration . . . thank you Yahusha.